Ways to Create a Kiddie Pool for Gardening- Full Guide

Using kiddie pool Gardening is considered one of the popular methods for creating your own garden beds. With all of these, there is the benefit of making it because you can place them anywhere in the yard or on the surface which is a lightweight that can be easily picked with the help of a kid. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend money on buying them from the local store as here I have explained about how to create a kiddie pool for gardening.

Hey gardeners I am Becky Decker with 20 years of experience in gardening going to talk about the creative way to create a kiddie pool for gardening. 

In this article, you will get to know different ideas for starting kiddie pool planters which is a fantastic way to involve your whole family in growing the food.


Here are some instructions that will help you to create a kiddie pool for gardening:

Cut Drainage Holes in the Pool Bottom:

  • First of all, you need to cut 1 1-inch diameter hole at the bottom of the pool and leave space of about 12 inches between them.
  • For creating the hole you can use a sharp utility knife or a drill fitted with an inch spade bit

Drill Drainage Holes in the Sides:

  • For creating the drainage hole you need to drill the hole in the side of the pool in which you need ½ twist bit.
  • Make sure to keep the whole about 1/2 inch up from the bottom and give the space of 18 in apart in the entire parameter.
  • The whole you created in the pool will serve as a backup while the hole in the bottom of the pool gets plugged in.

Line the Pool With Mesh:

  • Make sure to cover the bottom of the pool using the fiberglass window screening or porous landscape fabric.
  • You need to cover the bottom of the pool entirely and then overlap the screen partway to cover the drainage holes.

Add Soil and Fertilizer:

  • The best place for keeping the kiddie pool for gardening is in a sunny place as most of the vegetables herbs flowers do require at least six hours of full sun each day.
  • In case you have grown The shade-loving flower then you need to keep the pool in a partial shade location.
  • You can add either general-purpose potting soil or a good combination of potting soil and garden soil. 
  • Adding the soil that you make by yourself using peat moss, garden soil, and perlite or vermiculite in equal amounts can also result in positive.
  • Make sure to thoroughly mix the slow-release fertilizer having a balanced mix of nutrition that you can get by reading the label Direction.

Prepare the Soil and Add Fencing:

  • Before planting the seed you need to prepare the soil and Pat it down gently making sure the surface should be flat but not tight.  
  • You can also try to form furrows in the soil according to the seeds you are growing.
  • In case of having rabbit, squirrel or other animal problems, you can then add short wire fencing all around the pool to keep them away from the kiddie pool for gardening.

Plant Seeds or Seedlings:

  • There are many vegetables that used to grow quickly from seed but there are also some vegetables that grow slowly such as tomatoes so it is best to buy potted transplants Which already have well-developed seedlings.
  • We can say that shallow-rooted vegetables such as lettuce and herbs are best to be grown as a type of planter when compared to the deep root vegetables such as potatoes.
  • Avoid planting the seed deep which is the biggest mistake most people use to do this so before planting them read the instructions written on the seed package on how deep or far you need to plant them. As per the direction written on the seat packet you need to make rowin the soil.
  • Talking about the Potted transplants you need to plant them at the same depth they were in the container to make a small hole and insert the plant and then press the soil all around the plant. always make sure to follow all the instructions recommended for spacing different types of plants. For example, a tomato is a large Plant that can be grown in a single planter as it will be able to handle only two or three tomato plants in it.

Water the Soil:

  • You need to deeply water the garden until the water runs out of the bottom of the planter and make sure not to use harsh streams of water Because it will result in disturbing the seeds or washing them away.
  • So you can use a watering can having a rose attachment to a garden hose that has a misting nozzle that will water gently by spraying on the plant
Ways to Create a Kiddie Pool for Gardening- Full Guide

Caring for kiddie pools for gardening:

While doing plant using kiddie pools you need to maintain the soil moisture all the time because the fastest way the seed can die is to grow them in dry soil. After this seed germination the vegetable Sprout and get larger after which you can reduce the watering quantity in short we can say that most of the plants do need about 1 inch of water each week and the rainwater and irrigation are also counted. An exceptional case is with the raised planters  which used to dry out quickly so you need to take a close look at the plant:

The following are some caring steps for kiddie pools for gardening:

  • After getting the first set of full leaves you can thin the sprouted seedling according to the space recommended on the seed packets.
  • In case you are growing basil and when the plant grows up to 4 to 6 in tall make the soil dry out between the watering because it is a type of herb that likes arid conditions.
  • In case you are going herbs in the kiddie pool gardening you need to lessen the amount of applying fertilizer because it is only applied if this oil doesn’t have sufficient nutrients.
  • Growing vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini will be more beneficial to get  Feeded with fertilizer every month

Types of plants to grow in kiddie pools for gardening:

Although it is possible to grow any type of plant in the pool but some plants grow best in it And some don’t such as watermelon cherry potato and peppers do require more space to grow, so growing them will be the best choice for you As you don’t have much space in your garden or raised bed. 

But if you grow them in a kiddie pool the route will be contained by the sides which will reduce the spreading out of the plant too far Even covering other areas. 

I will suggest you plant a mix of vegetables and leafy greens which will grow best in moist soil such as lettuce or spinach. Another option you have to grow in the pool is herbs like basil is one of the herbs that will grow best in the pool with some thyme, rosemary, oregano, mint, or lavender, and flowers like marigolds and petunias.

Type of soil to use:

To create kiddie pools for gardening you need to use a type of potting mix that you buy from a local Nursery or local store or you can also make the soil by using composted material like coffee ground sleeves and eggshells. 

It is also good to use the soil present in your yard so that you can mix it with peat moss and potting soil which will help to lighten the heavy clay content in the soil and will make it easy for the plant. 

You can also use sand for creating kiddie pools for gardening but it will not have sufficient nutrient present in it and will cause the growth of unwanted weeds around the edges of the pool.

In case you are not willing to buy any planting material then I will suggest you fill one end of the other side deeply at least an inch between dirt and water level as it will help the plant to create plenty of room to grow without having much root near them.

Tools required for creating a kiddie pool garden:

Here are some tools that you need to create kiddie pools for gardening:

  • You need to have a kiddie pool or a large container which should be at least a foot deep.
  • You require a trowel, a long spoon, and garden gloves.
  • The soil to be used for making kiddie pools for gardening needs to be organic soil as it is easy to work with this soil.
  • Make sure the soil is free from pesticides as it will harm the ecosystem.
  • You need to have a drill machine that will help to create a drainage hole.
  • Need some seeds or seedlings for growing plants.
  • Need to have a watering can.

Benefits of using kiddie pools for gardening:

The following are some benefits of using kiddie pools  for gardening:

  • By kiddie pools Planter will teach the children how to grow plants and make them get active outside.
  • using kiddie pools for gardening is low-cost spending when compared to gardening outside.
  • The people who used to rent their homes using kiddie pools for gardening will find it great for them as a temporary Garden. 
  • You can use it successfully for growing herbs and flowers.
  • A kiddie pool further can be used to sell them at a garage sale for a cheap price.


Now it will be easy for you to use the kiddie pool for gardening all you need to follow the instructions and keep the pool away from shaped things that will damage your pool and get all the things wasted.

Becky Decker

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