10+ Best Heated Bird Bath For Winters

Want to protect the birds from winter and add a centerpiece to your garden? What are you waiting for? I know you may be not getting the best way to do this but stop getting sad i have come out here with a solution.

Let’s provide the birds with a heated bird bath which will allow them to drink water during winter because it’s quite challenging to drink water from a fountain during winter. Here I have shortlisted the best-heated bird bath which will add uniqueness to the place where you keep it. So let’s not waste the time and help the birds out there.

10+ Best Heated Bird Bath For Winters:

Here are some top heated bird baths that can go with any garden aesthetic such as:

GESAIL Habitat Heated Bird Bath:

  • It is a very popular heated bird bath due to its Silk design, lightweight, and compact.
  • It is perfect in a place of small outdoor spaces or bigger yards.
  • This heated bird bath is available in three colors and the design has three separate options such as ground mount deck Mount and clamp mount.
  • It does power on to keep the water temperature above freezing but it does shut off automatically when the temperature is high.
  • The automatic setting saves energy and increases the life of the birth bath. 
  • You can also use the heated bird bath during the spring and summer seasons because the heating unit is self-contained for the easiest cleaning and the hitting chord Tucks can be kept away.
10+ Best Heated Bird Bath For Winters

API Heated Bird Bath:

  • The API heated bird bath is made up of durable and weather-resistant material. 
  • It is a fully enclosed heating unit so it is very safe for wildlife and quite easy to clean.
  • Size of The bowl of the heated bird bath is 20 inches in diameter which is quite big for the birth to enjoy.
  • It contains a selection of hardware between stat you can mount the bird bath on the deck railing or pole or on a pedestal.
  • The API heated bird bath walls are designed by keeping in mind the bird feeds which make it just the right size for small birds to perch on. 

API Heated Bird Bath with Stand:

  • This API heated bird bath comes with a right stand that you can use with it and it comes with a small stand also.
  • This bird bath consists of a slender 30” high metal stand.
  • The stand of the bath is simple and goes right for any small outdoor or balcony space.
  • It also contains another stand-mounted bird bath having a terracotta-toned basin.

Hugeneroy Heated Large Capacity Bird Bath:

  • Hugeneroy Heated Large Capacity Bird Bath has a bright blue color that looks cheerful when you place it as a garden setup.
  • It is considered the largest self-enclosed heated bird bath having enough space that is able to provide hydration to big birds as well as the smaller birds.
  • There is no need to fill the heated bird bath frequently.
  • It contains 4 small screw-on feet that are attached to the base of the bath and with that you can easily adjust the level of the water.
  • You can place the bath directly on the ground by doing this other wild animals can also drink it like squirrels and chipmunks.
  • It is used to keep the water temperature above the freezing level and helps to save energy.
  • The automatic shutting off when the heated bird bath is dry makes it safe to use.

Farm Innovators Four Season Bird Bath:

  • Farm Innovators Four Season Bird Bath is designed in a way that looks like a stone.
  • It is a quite durable and lightweight material that makes it blend in landscapes and gardens.
  • The heated bird bath is thermostatically regulated which makes it shut off when the temperature rises.
  • In case of warm weather, you need to simply tuck the power cord in the bird bath for concealing which makes it to be used all over the year.
  • It can be cleaned easily and kept on the ground.

Farm Innovators Economical Bird Bath De-Icer:

  • In order to keep the bird happy in the winter and dont want to buy a new heated bird bath, you can use compact de icers inside the existing bird bath so that the water is nice and warm.
  • Farm Innovators Economical Bird Bath De-Icer is a budget-friendly heated bird bath.
  • It contains a unique foil construction and has low wattage making it less costly when it is used.
  • It contains a grounded cord that makes it safe to use in the outdoors.

Allied Precision Bird Bath De-Icer:

  • Allied Precision Bird Bath De-Icer is super compact which you can easily use with the existing bird bath even with a plastic bird bath.
  • It consists of an aluminum heating element which makes it durable and low profile that you can fix into any bath.
  • It does have a large surface area for heating fast the water.

Songbirds Essentials Heated Bird Bath:

  • Songbirds Essentials Heated Bird Bath is a beautiful and natural construction that makes it more attractive.
  • The frame of the heated bird bath is made up of weather-resistant red cedar.
  • The bird bath is able to hold about ½ of a gallon of water.
  • When the temperature drops below freezing point the bath does turn on automatically.
  • The whole bird bath measures about 32” high which is quite durable.

Erva Heated Bird Bath for Outdoors:

  • If you want a classic-looking bird bath then you can go with Erva Heated Bird Bath.
  •  It does have a granite gray exterior that looks natural which makes it attractive for your garden design.
  • The heater used in the bird bath is energy efficient and starts itself when the temperature of the water in the bath drops.
  • You can place the bird bath directly on the ground.
  • The bird bath contains short legs that make it to be in right height for the small animals.
  • You can easily clean the heated bird bath.
  • It is made up of fire retardant and BPA-safe materials.

Farm Innovators Scalloped Heated Bird Bath with Pedestal:

  • In case you are looking for a bird bath that has a traditional look and can be used in winter then using Farm Innovators bird bath is ideal for those.
  • The bird bath is made up of lightweight, durable, and easy-to-clean material.
  • You can use the bath for the whole year by tucking away the power cord to create cleaner lines in case you don’t need extra heat. 
  • In case the temperature drops you need to plug in the bird bath. 
  • It does have a 3-year warranty. 

AISITIN Bird Bath De-icer and Fountain Pump:

  • This bird bath has a thermostatically regulated heater that makes the bird bath run when it is compulsory and saves energy. 
  • The bath contains a fountain pump which makes the water circulate. 
  • The pumping system helps to keep the bird bath in good condition and fresh. 
  • The heater present in the bird bath does automatically shuts off whenever the basin of the bath gets dry, avoiding the burning of the motor. 
  • The cord used in the bird bath is larger than other bird baths and that makes it to place in more places options. 
  • You can use the bird bath with other baths including stone, glass, metal, and plastic.

GESAIL Bird Bath De-Icer:

  • Gesail Bird bath is considered one of the popular heaters. 
  • It comes in 3 different shapes and styles which have a leaf form heater. 
  • The bird bath is made up of heavy, cast aluminum which makes it easy to clean and avoid rusting. 
  • The bird bath is available in most standard sizes. 
  • You can use the bird bath in a glass or plastic setup. 
  • The bird bath is able to heat up a small amount of water in less time while running at 50 watts. 
  • It powers off automatically during the temperature rise making the bird bath energy efficient heater. 


Hence now it will be easy to decide which heated bird bath will be perfect according to your situation. After reading above the top best-heated bird baths you can select one of them.


Putting the warm water out for birds in winter safe?

The bathing of birds in winter is too dangerous as the feathers of birds will freeze and they will not get the chance to shake it off.

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