How to get rid of Spider Mites on Calathea? (Prayer Plant)

Do you know How to get rid of Spider Mites on Calathea? Pests like spider mites, and aphids are toxic elements for any garden area. They tend to spoil the vegetation with their effects. They are so tiny that it becomes different for you to find them sometimes. 

Quick takeaways:

  • They tend to roam around more than 180 plants including one of the best plants also known as Calathea which is also known as the prayer plant. The Calathea plants are available in many beautiful types like Calathea Beauty Star Plant, Calathea Zebra Plants
  • Pests tend to suck the plant leaves so that they gain nutrients, so you must apply some of the best solutions that can help you in getting rid of the spider mites on Calathea or prayer plants.
  • It is not difficult to get rid of spider mites on calathea such as spraying the insecticidal soap solution, trimming off the affected areas, and many more explained below.
  • Calathea plant has beautiful broad leaves that look attractive in your home garden. They tend to store the water in their leaves so that they store water in need.
  • This plant comes in various shades that provide various benefits to you. 

So, let’s move forward so that you understand the ways by which you can easily remove spider mites from your garden area. 

How to get rid of Spider Mites on Calathea? (Prayer Plant)

Are there any signs of the spider mites on Calathea? 

Spider mites are one of those pests that are tiny so you will require a magnifying glass for observing them. But no worries as there are other ways too with the help of which you can come to know if they are present on your plant or not. They will show you the following signs: 

  • Observe the webs on the leaves of the plant. 
  • Notice the drooping leaves in the plant. 
  • Brown, yellow spots on the leaves of the plant. 
  • Leaves are not getting close at night.
  • Spots at the underside of the leaves. 

On Calathea leaves and tips, you will see small, dot-like motions that are black, red, white, or yellow if a prayer plant is infested with spider mites. 

The webs that spider mites produce and the granular, white material on the underside of the leaves are their most obvious symptoms. You can try to give the Calathea tree a mixed test to determine if there are any spider mites present or not. 

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All you have to do is to shake the leaves above the plant while putting a piece of white paper underneath. These pests limit photosynthesis by sucking chlorophyll from the leaves. Your prayer plant is infested if you notice minute-colored specks moving on the paper. 

Calathea leaves start to droop, curl, and become brown. Spider mites stress your Calathea as they grow and may eventually kill it if left unchecked.

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Calathea? 

Spider mites are pests that have the power to spoil your vegetation with their toxic effects. So, it is important for you to know some of the best ways to get rid of those spider mites on Calathea. Below are the points: 

1. Spray off the insecticidal soap solution 

Insecticidal soap is one of the solutions that are good for your plants so that you get rid of toxic pests like spider mites. 

The soap has the potential to weaken the spider mites and they will feel suffocated in the plant so all you have to do is to treat them by using the insecticidal soap with water solution one time a week again and again.

Repeat this method so that the mites get destroyed and you will be able to save your plant. 

2. Trim off the affected areas

Now as you know your Calathea plants are being spoiled by pests like spider mites. They tend to suck the fluid from the leaves of the plants and gain all their nutrients. So, getting rid of them is very important so that you save your plants. 

So, all you have to do is to prune the affected areas or parts where they have infested. You can see if there are any yellow or brown leaves, then trim them off so as not to let them grow anymore on your plants. Prune the leaves that are affected by the spider mites. 

3. Spray your Calathea properly

You need to make a mixture of mite killing and put it in the spray bottle for sprinkling it on the mites. Then you have to spray it all around your Calathea plant so that the mites run away. 

Ensure that you’re spraying at the underside of the leaves, tops of the leaves, at the bottom of the plant, etc. Do not leave any area as the mites might be available there to get spread. So, it is better to spray the solution on them for safe gardening. 

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4. Make use of any chemical 

Another option that can be done by us is to make use of any chemical like you can use alcohol to kill your spider mites and your plants in your garden area. 

You can dilute the rubbing alcohol by about 1:2 and apply it on a leaf first to try the methods. If the leaves become faded, then do not try it. But if it does not then you cannot use this method. Make sure you are not spoiling your plant. 

5. Make sure to keep the soil clean 

Spider mites tend to eat the whole plant with time. You need to save your plant in any way. The foremost way you can apply is to keep your soil clean so that the mites do not roam around your plant. 

What do you say? Yes, guys, you can try this as it is the tested way out for getting rid of the spider mites.

Being a houseplant, prayer plants get attacked by mites, but if you will keep the soil clean, mites do not like to come to your plant as they do not like neatness. 

6. You can apply the neem oil

Last but not least, make use of the neem oil for getting rid of the spider mites in Calathea. Neem oil is a great solution that will help you in killing them.

Do not think that neem oil will kill the plant, instead, it will irritate the mites and the pests like spider mites will move away from your plant and you will be able to save your vegetation. 

You can do so by mixing neem oil in the water so that you make a mixture of it and put it on the prayer-plants one or two times a week for a great result. It will surely repel your pests. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Pests like spider mites and aphids are toxic elements for any garden area. They tried to spoil the vacation with its effects. They are so tiny that it becomes difficult for you to find them sometimes. They tend to roam around more than 180 plants including one of the best plants amended as Calathea which is also known as the prayer plant. Read the whole guide for its proper understanding. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

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