How to Dry Basil Fastly? (Using an Oven or Dehydrator)

I’ve successfully grown many vegetables, spices, and plants in my garden, and they all thrive. However, I used to dislike wasting excess spices and veggies until I came up with the idea of drying them. For instance, I’ve grown Basil plants which thrive perfectly in abundance, and instead of throwing them, I decided to dry them for the first time.

Of course, it was a success, and since then, I’ve been drying all my herbs. Drying them properly isn’t easy; you need to know how to do it like a pro. I’ll help you learn the best methods for drying basil leaves and how to use them effectively after picking or harvesting.

Quick takeaways:

  • Farmers get confused when it comes to dry basil. Basil leaves can get dry easily.
  • There are various methods that can be used by you to dry your basil leaves.
  • One of the best methods is via the oven. Another way to dry basil fastly is through a dehydrator.
  • If you have an oven in your home, then it becomes so easy for you to dry the basil leaves.
  • Basil is grown by almost every farmer in their yard so that they get their benefits.
  • If you also love to use homemade spices then dried basil can be one of them that can easily be made at home.

Basils even get used in vegetables for a unique taste in them. So, it is time to start this guide so that you come to know the process of drying the basil quickly. Here we go!! 

How to Dry Basil Naturally? 

Guys, it becomes important to dry basil if you want to use it. Make sure you do not use any harsh method for drying the basil. The method should be environmentally friendly and should not disturb your basil vegetation. But it won’t be a quicker process, you need to be patient. So, let us move forward to learn how can you dry basil fastly and naturally: 

  • Make sure you harvest the basil stems separately which contain about 4 leaves in a single stem.
  • You can use any rubber band that can help you in tying the stems together.
  • Then hang them in a place where they will get plenty of sunlight but do not nourish them with direct sunlight.
  • Provide them with room temperature areas where they get dry faster.
  • You have to leave the basil till the time leaves become crispy and ready to use. You can check with your fingers. 

How to dry basil quickly? 

Various ways can help you in drying the basil. It is important to dry basil without hurting or burning the leaves. Make sure the leaves eliminate the moisture so that you can use them in their dry state. 

So, let us know the ways that can be used for drying the basil herbs: 

  • You can use an oven to dry them.
  • A microwave can be a great option. 
  • Air drying will suit you best.
  • A food dehydrator is great to use. 

Let us know a few of these methods in detail. 

1. Drying Basil Using a Dehydrator

Dehydration is a good way that can help you dry the basil at home easily just the way I told you at the time of drying the dill. It is a tool that can help you in preserving herbs like basil so that you can use them in the future. So it is time to know about its process so that you can use them: 

Step 1- Firstly you have to remove the stems and place the washed leaves of the basil on the racks of the dehydrator properly.

Step 2- Make sure you do not overlap the leaves. Then place it on the herb settings. You can even choose about 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit to dry basil.

Step 3- During this time, you can check if the leaves are crunchy or not, and if they are crunchy then you can see that they are dried now and can be used. 

Step 4- It can take about 12 to 24 hours to get dry. 

2. Drying basil using an oven 

It is easy to use this method to dry basil. You can dry basil by using the oven which is available at home, so need not worry about it. You might remember the process of drying cilantro leaves too, it is just the same. So, let us begin to know about its process: 

Step 1- You need to preheat the oven so that it dries your basil at a faster pace. 

Step 2- Then place the basil on the sheets of the oven by arranging them. Make sure you do not overlap them. 

Step 3- Place that sheet in the oven. Put it on the top rack of it. 

Step 4- Then, leave the leaves there for about 1 to 2 hours so that it dries properly. 

Step 5- Make sure you keep a check on the leaves between this duration.

Step 6- After this period, check if the leaves are crumbled, then they are ready for your use. You can take them off and use them by storing them in any jar for future use.  

Can you Dehydrate the Basil? 

Dehydration of paints is important for their beneficial use. It is even known as the other best method that can help you to dry basil. Even in today’s era, various appliances can be used to take off moisture from vegetables, herbs, and plants so that you become successful in drying them. Do you know the process of dehydrating your basil leaves? If yes, then you are doing great but if not, then you have to follow the below steps: 

Step 1- First, take a dehydrator then place the basil leaves into it. 

Step 2- Then, choose the lowest setting for your basil leaves on the dehydrator about 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3- Wait until the leaves become crunchy for use.  

Even dehydrators are not so costly that you won’t be able to afford them. Then you can get them in the average range of about 50$ – 150$. So, you can go for it. They will be available in your market and even on online sites.

Concluding lines 

In this guide, you come to know that various methods can be used by you to dry basil leaves. One of the best methods is via the oven. If you have an oven in your home, then it becomes so easy for you to dry the basil leaves. Basils even get used in vegetables for a unique taste in them. So, read the guide carefully so that you do not go wrong in any way. I hope the information will be helpful for you. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening!


1. Is it easier to dry Basil in the oven?

Yes, it is easy to dry the basil in the oven. It is an easy way as you can get the oven at home. Just follow the right place as mentioned in his guide. It will help you in drying the basil which can be used by you. 

2. Can You dehydrate Basil?

Yes, you can dehydrate the basil. You can dehydrate the basil by using any oven and place the leaves for about 2 hours as they will get dried. You can even make use of any event, dehydrator, microwave, and others so that you can dehydrate the basil. 

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