How often to water Cilantro herbs? (How much water do they need?

I attempted to grow Cilantro herbs but faced many difficulties, due to watering issues. I struggled to understand the watering needs of Cilantro, resulting in them drying out when underwatered and the soil becoming soggy when overwatered. However, once I became familiar with their watering requirements, the Cilantro herbs began to bloom beautifully.

Are you Curious about how much water Cilantro herbs need? Scroll down to read my explanation below, covering everything you need to know about watering Cilantro. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Quick takeaways:

  • Plants whether easy to grow and easy to maintain or not, still need some proper watering.
  • You should know some basic information regarding the plant and watering is one of them.
  • The cilantro is in a similar way to be properly watered.
  • Cilantro is an annual hardy herb that does not need much care but watering is something that will make the soil moist which almost all the plants need.
  • Cilantro is an annual hardy herb that does not need much care but watering needs are something very essential.
  • Cilantro plants can be planted with some companion plants like Anise, Garlic, Potatoes, Oregano, etc.

How often to water Cilantro herbs?

The cilantro seeds need to be planted in the moist potting mix and the soil should be soft and airy. At the beginning of plant growth, the seedlings need to be watered at a good pace like watering them regularly. The beginning times of growth need a lot of moisture. So keeping the soil moist is important and don’t let it dry. 

Just a little watering but more frequently is the key. The seedlings when watered with a can or sprinkler near the soil will keep the seedlings dry which again is vital. The seedling staying wet for a long will destroy it with mold or fungus

As soon as the soil gets dry like the top inch or two, you can again spray some water to make the soil moist. 

How often to water cilantro herbs outdoors?

The cilantro herbs planted outdoors in the garden need to be watered when the top inch or half an inch is feeling dry on the arm doing the arm test. The cilantro herbs need a good amount of sunlight and even direct sunlight for 6 hours at least a day. So, there are chances that the soil will get wet more often so you keep a check on the top inch of soil whether it is dry or wet. 

Cilantro herbs usually are hardy and can survive in low water also, but why take a risk when you can provide them with a good amount of water for a good harvest in the full growing season? 

However it is ideal to not overwater them by giving them water daily, instead water the cilantro herbs two times a week to keep them going healthily. The cilantro many times starts to wilt which is also an indicator that it needs to be watered or you can check the top surface of the soil if it is dry. 

How often to water cilantro indoors?

The cilantro planted indoors gets indirect sunlight and might need to be moved to the window facing the sun as the cilantro thrives well in a good amount of sunlight.

So less sunlight they get you need to water them at a minimum level. Careful watering is needed in the case of cilantro herbs that are inside your house. 

Before watering the cilantro herbs indoors, the topsoil should be dry so that the soil doesn’t get drained of water and turn soggy. The moist drained soil is perfect for growing cilantro herbs. Wilting is the symptom that is indicated by cilantro herbs both when they are overwatered or underwatered. So check the soil again if it is dry to touch. 

How often to water the potted cilantro herbs?

Potted cilantro herbs can be easily moved to a spot that has a good amount of sunlight or a good shade when the sunlight is too strong or too full of sun.

But potted cilantro herbs need water more frequently due to the high level of drainage in the pots and not having a natural supply of underground water, the soil will often dry so you need to water them lightly but as soon as the soil seems dry. 

What are the signs of overwatered cilantro herbs?

Many times while watering the cilantro herbs you don’t realize you have overwatered the plant. The signs that usually indicate that you have watered them too much are droopy leaves, droopy stems,  leaves turning yellow, etc.

So, from the next just make sure you don’t overwater the plants by looking at the soil first if it is looking dry and need water otherwise watering will create a pool and harm the roots and cause root rot. The soil should be well-drained to keep the plant and the root system healthy. 

Though the yellowing of leaves can also be due to overfertilizing the cilantro or the plant not getting enough sunlight. 

What are the signs of underwatered cilantro herbs?

The cilantro herbs growing in warm and sunny spots can easily dry off. If you have forgotten to water the cilantro herbs if the soil was dry, then the plants will also start to dry by showing crip lifeless leaves, the leaves will turn brown or yellow, with droopiness.

This will later cause death in cilantro herbs if ignored. As soon as you see the discoloration of leaves or drying of leaves and the soil seems too dry and broken up then you need to water the cilantro herbs as soon as possible, if delayed they will die and cannot be recovered. 

You can much the soil, to keep the moisture intact in the soil layer and avoid the water from evaporating. 

A final thought on the context

By now you might have known why it is so important to look at the surface of the soil and its moisture content in it, to keep the cilantro herbs healthy. Other than this, sunlight, drainage, and fertilizing, are equally important to keep the cilantro going like crazy because what’s better than having a homegrown yummy bunch of cilantro?

Happy watering and planting! 


1. How do you keep cilantro happy?

Give the cilantro plant enough sunlight by planting it in a sunny hot spot, and partial shade during the afternoon heat. Spring and fall are the best times to plant cilantro herbs and keep them happy.

2. Can you overwater cilantro?

Yes, you can overwater the cilantro herbs while watering and not realize that the soil is soaring too much in the water, the water should not get boggy otherwise that’s a hint that the cilantro plant is overwatered. The leaves get droopy and start to wilt when the plant is overwatered. 

3. How often do you water cilantro and basil?

Cilantro and basil are aromatic herbs and grow well in good sunlight. The herbs need water every 4 to 6 days to grow well. The soil should be kept moist and drained. Make sure the soil is not clayey and break the soil or make it drained properly.

The wilting of the leaves will indicate that they are thirsty. You might need to water in between with a sprinkler or hose if the days are too hot and the sun is too bright. 

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