17+ Best types of Peas you can grow (with pictures)

Most gardeners or farmers are familiar with peas, right? They’re a common vegetable enjoyed by many. But did you know that peas come in different varieties? And if you love peas like me, you’ll love the idea of growing different colorful pea varieties.

It’s definitely an interesting idea, isn’t it? And you don’t need to worry about which varieties to choose, because I’ve already shortlisted some of the best types of peas you can grow in your garden.

If you encounter any problems while growing these peas and need assistance, remember that I’m here to help. Just drop a comment below, and I’ll be happy to lend a hand

Key takeaways:

  • Gardening can be done as a hobby but it took a lot of time and energy to make a healthier garden for ourselves.
  • One can grow several kinds of vegetables, herbs, or fruits in our gardens but not all of us have so much space in our outdoors, and here are the solutions we can easily and quickly grow peas in huge or mini gardens.
  • The fresh peas from the garden will taste delicious as compared to the purchased ones from the market. 
  • Some people got confused as they didn’t know which variety should be planted in their garden.
  • Peas are a great addition to any garden area as they are fresh vegetables that are good for your health. 

What is the main type of peas?  

To grow peas we need to know their types first. peas are the most versatile vegetables which we can eat in many ways, stir-fried, steamed, served as a salad, boiled, D’or garnished on dishes. Because of its fabulous taste and green cover, it becomes easy to eat.

For the newcomers, there are a total of three types of peas: 

English peas 

English peas, called shell peas or garden peas, are the most common type of peas. Garden peas are soft and green cylindrical green pods that are plump. Since their cover is rough and fibrosis, it cannot be digested easily and this variety of peas needs to be covered or shelled. They contain plump,sweet-tasting seeds. 

Snow peas 

Snow peas are called Chinese peas because they are mostly used in Chinese dishes.  You can quickly recognize snow peas from outdoors as they have an almost flat shell with no distinct pea-shape inside, not like garden peas, they are kind of edible pods.

Sugar snap peas

sugar snap peas look like garden peas. But these sugar snap peas can be differentiated by their pea pod shape, which is a little more cylindrical than the garden pea. Sugar snap peas are a mixture of snow peas and mutant garden peas. These peas contain properties of both of their parent pea varieties. 

17+ Best Types of Peas You Can Grow

Anyone can grow even a single type of peas in their home. You just have to know how to grow it healthier and the perfect time to ripe it. Here we will discuss more than 17 best peas you can grow easily in your kitchen gardens. Below are the: 

Spring Peas

Here comes one of the favorite varieties of the garden. The spring pea variety produces many pods as per plant. Each pod has an average of 6 peas in it. It has a mildly sweet flavor and can be harvested in 60 days. 

Survivor Peas

The survivor peas don’t have leaves and have very tough and stringy vines that jumbled together. The plant is nearly 2 feet tall producing pea pods with a maximum of 8 peas inside it. 

Wando Peas

Its Wando peas are very famous among the masses. Wando peas intake warm to cold weather. They are in dark green pods that certainly produce 7-8 medium-sized peas, which get reaped nearly in 70 days. They have a mildly sweet taste and are good for freezing or drying. 

Garden Sweet

As the name itself tells about its taste, this pea is very sweet with pods containing 7 to 8 peas. It can reap in 70-75 days and is one of the most delicious varieties of garden peas.

Thomas Laxton

The peas are nearly  4 inches long. They have 8 to 9 dark green and normally plump peas. They have a mildly sweet taste. 

Lincoln Peas

The pods of the Lincoln peas contain 7-8 large and tender peas. These peas taste sweet, are tolerant to heat, freeze well, and can be ready in 70 days. 

Mr. Big Peas

As the name itself tells about, this pea produces extra-large peas with 9 to 10 seeds in every green pod. This variety is mildly sweet and surely a prize-winner cultivar. 

Little peas

This marvel produces 3-inch long pea pods maximum of 7 to 8 seeds. These peas are medium-sized, greeny, and sweet, and get ready in 65 days. Growing them would be a great decision. 

Misty Shell 

The pea Misty Shell is a large producer that bears 3-inch large pea pods with 7 to 8 peas each. These peas are moderately plumped and sugary and can be ready in 60 days. 

Snowbird pea

This comes under the snow peas category peas. One of the shortest pea plants with an average height of only 17 to 18 inches. They can produce a large yield with 3 inches-long pods containing moderately sweet peas. It takes them  60 days to reap. 

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Maestro peas 

They are those peas varieties that have thick pods and succulent pods within. They can give you great results even in heavy soils. They are known for their hardy nature. You can use them in the form of salads, cooking, soups, and other things too. They take about 61 days to harvest. 


It is the English variety of peas that is grown by almost every farmer in his yard. It gives you large pods that can provide 8 sweet peas. They can give the peas for a long if you maintain them. They can even cure themselves from various diseases such as wilt, downy mildew, etc. 

Tall telephones 

Why is it called tall telephones? It is so that they can attain a height of approx. 6 feet tall. You will have to take the risk to grow these types of peas in your garden as they will grow taller. They will take the harvesting period of about 68 days. They are even called  Alderman peas in various places. They give you a sweet flavor. 


Avalanche is an amazing variety of peas that can obtain mind-blowing color and attract everyone towards its dark green pods that contain nutritional variants too. They can grow to wish for 60 days to give you sweet results. They have large sizes as compared to others. The pods can attain a height of 6 inches long. They tend to have a sweet flavor. 

Mammoth Melting Sugar

It is a tall variety that reaches up to a height of 5 feet. They will feed you with thick pods that will be 4.5 inches thick. They come to sin the best varieties of peas. They tend to have a sweet flavor when it comes to eating. You can place them even in high temperatures, they will still give you the results. 

Oregon Sugar Pod

You might have heard their name before or might have grown them too as they are the varieties of the common pea that every farmer loves to grow. The seeds of the Oregon Sugar Pod are sweet and they can produce pods of 4 inches long. What else do you need? You should grow this variety as it has a high yield effect. 


Sugarsnap, what is it? This variety of peas is crunchy as compared to others and is in great demand in the market. You can purchase them from the market as they produce a high yield for their users. This variety has been awarded as gardeners love to plant them. It is one of their favorite varieties of theirs to grow. You can harvest them after 70 days as they will be ready to be picked at that time. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that When you pick fresh peas from the garden, they will taste delicious as compared to the purchased ones from the market.  Peas are no doubt nutritious, and you can grow them easily. Some people get confused as they don’t know which variety should be planted in their garden. So, read this article carefully so that you come to know more about the varieties of peas that can be grown by you in your garden area. 


What kind of peas grow in Alaska?

Being an English pea variety they can grow well. These plants are very productive as compared to others. It will be a great addition to your garden. Snow peas, sugar snap peas, and sugar ann peas can be grown in Alaska.  

How big do peas grow?

Peas can grow differently as every variety has its different size and color. On average, they can grow 4 inches long. A da pod can produce about 89 peas within 

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