When to Harvest Black Beauty Eggplant?

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I hope you are doing great in your gardening field. Today I am here with an informative guide for you that will help you in your garden area. Do you know about Black beauty Eggplant? Do you know When to Harvest Black Beauty Eggplant?

Have you ever grown black beauty eggplant in your garden? If yes, then great but if not, you should go for it as it is one of the plants that tend to feed with its six large eggplants in a single plant. These plants tend to attain a height of about 3 feet long. They are famous for their large-sized plant and delicious taste of fruit. 

Key takeaways:

  • Black Beauty Eggplant is grown by farmers for the last 100 years.
  • They come in the shade of dark purple with an amazing flavor.
  • They are easy-to-grow plants.
  • They tend to grow as an annual though they are perennial. Try to grow them in the hot regions as they will thrive well there.
  • You will get its edible fruit in return which is egg-shaped.

Do you know the best time to harvest the black beauty eggplant? If yes, then your plant will survive well. But if not, then you need to know about it as harvesting your plant at the right time is very important otherwise the plant becomes weak and provides you with bitter taste fruit.

In this guide, you will see when the plant needs to be harvested. So, let’s begin to know about the right time to harvest the black beauty eggplant.  

Common NameEggplant
Botanical NameSolanum melongena
Plant TypePerennial, vegetable
Size2–4 ft. tall, 1–3 ft. wide
Sun ExposureFull sun
Soil TypeLoamy, well-drained
Soil pHAcidic, neutral, alkaline (5.5 to 7.5)
Bloom TimeSummer
Hardiness Zones9b–12a (USDA)
Native AreaAsia
ToxicityPlant material toxic to people and pets

What is a Black Beauty Eggplant? 

Black Beauty Eggplant is one of the famous cultivators for its large-sized fruit that is egg-shaped. They have been grown by the farmers for a long.

They will cherish you with its shiny texture and edible fruit. Black Beauty Eggplants suit best in the warm regions and make an eye-catching appearance in your home garden. They can be pollinated openly. 

When to Harvest Black Beauty Eggplant?

Harvesting black beauty eggplant would be great for your garden area as it will add an attractive look to your home garden. Now the question comes when should you need to harvest the black beauty eggplant? 

Eggplants are one of the easiest plants that can be harvested easily. When the eggplants attain a height of about 6-8 inches then they are ready for the process of harvesting.

One thing to keep in mind is that harvesting the plant at the right time will benefit you. It will provide you with great flavor and you will enjoy its benefits. 

When planting the eggplants in a pot, you have to keep them in a shady spot when you observe that the plant has started to ripen. They tend to gain sunshine for 6 hours a day to thrive well. It will help you in providing amazing fruit. 

In other words, Black Beauty Eggplants are ready to harvest after 70 to 90 days of planting them. Observe if the plant is healthy after touching it as it will show that it is ready to harvest. 

You will see its skin is shiny and can be harvested. It is the right time to harvest your Black Beauty Eggplant when its skin becomes healthy and shiny in texture. Do not take your plant for granted as it will not provide you with the best fruit rather you will get better fruit. So, keep this thing in mind before harvesting the plant. 

How to Grow Black Beauty Eggplants from Seed? 

If you know how to grow black beauty plants from seed then you are doing great but if not, then you should be aware of it. as growing This plant from seeds is a beneficial method. So following are the steps that will help you grow black beauty plants from seeds. They are as follows:

  • At first, you have to show the seats about 1 x 4” deep in the tray before you transplant them outside.
  • You can plant them first in a seed starting tray. 
  • You can take about 8 to 10 months before transplanting.
  • Provide the seedlings with a good amount of light or you can place them near the south-facing window.
  • You can transplant them when the ceilings sprout about 2 to 3 inches big. 
  • After the last frost, you can easily transplant them when the temperature in the night will be more than 50°F.
  • You have to transplant this variety in the well-drained soil mix.

In which month you can harvest the eggplant? 

As you know harvesting eggplant is easy but harvesting them at the right time is important. It happens at the time of late summer or early fall. It depends on the variety of eggplant that you are growing

Make sure you are observing if the eggplant is firm or not. It will attain a dark purple color if it’s firm and ready for harvesting. Make use of a sharp and sterilized knife for cutting the fruit from the eggplant. 

Ensure the plant is not getting hurt by your actions. It will decrease the growth of the plant which is not liked by the plant. You can even store the eggplants after cutting them in the fridges for later use. You can use them afterward in the form of dishes. 

Transplanting Black Beauty Seedlings

You can transplant your black beauty seedlings with the help of the guide. They are ready to transplant after the last frost and when the temperature of the soil becomes about 60°F. So below are the steps that you have to follow for transplanting, black beauty seedlings.

  • At first, you have to select the healthy and vigorous seedlings.
  • Then you have to prepare your soil by adding compost to it and make sure that it is well drained.
  • After that, you can plant the seedlings by digging a hole deep and keeping the seedlings about 18 to 24 inches apart from each other. 
  • Then you have to keep powdering your seedlings so that they adapt to the new place.
  • You have to provide a layer of mulch to the plant which helps in retaining the moisture. 

Tips for a Successful Black Beauty Eggplant Garden

Below are the successful tips for a black beauty Eggplant garden. They are as follows:

  • First, you have to watch the pests in your garden area as aphids, flea beetles, etc. 
  • They tend to come to your garden and suck the fluid from the leaves, which makes the plant weak. 
  • We have to protect your young plants by adapting, pest control methods.
  • The next thing you have to do is to prevent your plant from the attack of diseases. 
  • For that, you have to do crop rotation with time and provide a good amount of space between plants to prevent wilting. 
  • Last, but not least, you have to provide support to your plant.

How can you harvest the black beauty eggplants? 

As mentioned, black beauty eggplants are easy to harvest. But it is important not to harm the plant while harvesting it. All you have to do is to follow the below points: 

  • At first, you have to lift the stem gently. 
  • Then, find the calyx this part is connected to the top of the eggplant. 
  • Then, you have to take the sterilized knife and cut the stem from the top of the calyx. 

How can you Store Eggplant? 

Do you wonder if you can save your eggplant for later use or not? Guys, it is easy to store the eggplant so that you can use it afterward.

  • They can be stored in the refrigerator so that you use them in your meals.
  • Store only for two weeks not more than that. 
  • Place them in humid areas. 
  • Do not cut your eggplant before using it as it will damage the skin. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that one of the plants tends to feed with its six large eggplants in a single plant. These plants tend to attain a height of about 3 feet long. These plants have been grown by farmers for the last 100 years. They are famous for their large-sized plant and delicious taste of fruit. 

They come in the shade of dark purple with an amazing flavor. Harvesting your plant at the right time is very important otherwise the plant becomes weak and provides you with bitter taste fruit. Read the full article to know more about the harvesting of the black beauty eggplant. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

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