When and How Often Can You Fertilize Pothos?| Best Fertilizers for Pothos

Popular and simple to maintain, pothos is a houseplant with heart-shaped leaves and beautiful trailing vines. Even though pothos require little upkeep, they need to be properly fertilized to develop to their full potential and look vivid. Hey folks! I’m Anna Scott, a Gardener by heart and Profession, started my Journey 15 years ago and Now I am teaching other gardeners as well to achieve their goals.

A balanced fertilizer that is soluble in water and contains potassium, phosphate, and nitrogen is ideal for pothos. Do you know When and How Often Can You Fertilize Pothos? Make sure you dilute it somewhat because too much fertilizer can scorch your plant’s roots. To ensure constant feeding, many individuals incorporate a tiny quantity of fertilizer into their watering schedule.

Need more information about when, how often, and which fertilizer to use for your pothos? Keep on reading to find out!

When and How Often Can You Fertilize Pothos?| Best Fertilizers for Pothos

When can you Fertilize Pothos?

Fertilize the pothos more frequently throughout the growing season rather than less frequently during the winter dormant phase. Because spring and summer are when pothos grow most actively, this is the best time to fertilize them.

As they are typically dormant and not developing during the fall and winter, they do not require any fertilization at all. On the other hand, you can keep fertilizing your pothos if they’re still actively growing and you reside in a warm region. It is advised that you start fertilizing your pothos as soon as you repot it in new soil.

Since the plant would run out of nutrients from the soil after a few months, fertilizer after repotting is best for these quickly developing plants. Stunted development is a common issue with pothos; this indicates they are not receiving the necessary care.

There are several causes of stunted growth, but one of them could be an accumulation of fertilizer in the ground. This indicates that your pothos are receiving too much fertilizer and/or too frequent fertilization.

It might be wise to cut back on the routine and skip fertilization or two if you are fertilizing your plant regularly and you see that it is not growing. Fertilize your pothos again as soon as it begins to show growth.

How Often to Fertilize Pothos?

Fertilize your pothos every four to six weeks during the growing season. If you don’t give your pothos any nutrients at any point, their growth will slow down. Fertilization is essential because, as was previously said, pothos develop at remarkably rapid rates and require the right amount of nutrients.

When and How Often Can You Fertilize Pothos?| Best Fertilizers for Pothos

To refresh your memory, pothos are housed indoors and do not have access to natural resources like their outdoor counterparts. Because pothos quickly deplete all the minerals in their soil, fertilization is crucial. When the nutrients from their soil are gone, pothos depend on us to make sure they get the right nutrients.

Best Fertilizers for Pothos

Schultz All Purpose Liquid Plant Fertilizer

The formulation of Schultz All Purpose Liquid Plant Fertilizer is well-balanced and contains important macro- and micronutrients.

It’s a liquid fertilizer that’s simple to combine with water, so you may apply it frequently throughout the growing season.

Pothos gets all the nutrients it needs for strong roots and lush leaves because of the nutrients’ balanced composition. The liquid form makes the application simple and accurate.

Miracle-Gro Water-Soluble All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer

With a balanced N-P-K ratio of typically 24-8-16, Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food offers a variety of vital nutrients, including potassium (K), phosphorus (P), and nitrogen (N).

This fertilizer dissolves fast in water and is simple to use. It encourages lush foliage and general growth in a variety of plants, including pothos.

The development of the roots and leaves is supported by the balanced nutrient profile, which encourages pothos to grow healthily.

When and How Often Can You Fertilize Pothos?| Best Fertilizers for Pothos

Espoma Indoor Liquid Plant Fertilizer

Natural components and a balanced N-P-K ratio make up Espoma Indoor Liquid Plant Food, which is ideal for indoor plants.

Because it comes from organic sources, this liquid fertilizer is a top pick for gardeners who favor organic methods.

The plant is gently nourished by the organic composition, which encourages slow, organic growth. For anyone seeking a plant- and eco-friendly solution for their pothos, this is a good option.

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Fertilizer Flower & Vegetable

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Fertilizer usually contains micronutrients in a balanced formulation that releases the nutrients gradually over time.

The controlled-release mechanism of this granular fertilizer, which is applied to the soil, guarantees a consistent delivery of nutrients to the plants.

Pothos benefit from the slow-release characteristic since it reduces the possibility of overfertilization. Without requiring repeated applications, it offers a constant supply of nutrients to sustain stable growth.

Dyna-Gro Grow 7-9-5 Liquid Plant Food

With its special 7-9-5 N-P-K ratio, Dyna-Gro Grow emphasizes phosphorus for robust root development.

This liquid fertilizer is very helpful in the early stages of plant growth and is intended to encourage lush foliage.

Because pothos is known for its trailing tendrils, the greater phosphorus concentration helps to create strong root systems.

When and How Often Can You Fertilize Pothos?| Best Fertilizers for Pothos

Jack’s Classic All Purpose 20-20-20 Water-Soluble Plant Food

With a balanced N-P-K ratio of 20-20-20, this water-soluble fertilizer offers a well-rounded combination of nutrients.

Jack’s Classic is well-known for being adaptable and good for a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants.

The well-balanced mixture facilitates rapid growth, and its water-soluble consistency makes it simple to apply during routine irrigation.

Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer

With a 6-4-4 N-P-K ratio and a higher nitrogen concentration, Fox Farm Grow Big is perfect for encouraging lush foliage and greenery.

This liquid fertilizer is part of the Fox Farm trilogy, which is typically used in combination with Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom, and is excellent for a variety of plants.

It is appropriate for pothos because of its increased nitrogen concentration, which encourages the growth of colorful leaves, especially if you want to accentuate its lush appearance.

When and How Often Can You Fertilize Pothos?| Best Fertilizers for Pothos

Jobe’s Organics Indoor Fertilizer Food Spikes

These fertilizer spikes feature a balanced nutrient profile and are composed of organic substances.

For slow-release fertilization, Jobe’s spikes are a practical choice since they release nutrients gradually over a longer time frame.

The spikes make it simple to fertilize the soil without repeated applications, and the organic composition is kind to plants.

Wrapping up the context

Fertilizing pothos is a simple procedure that improves the general health and look of the plant. During the growing season, fertilize your plants at least once every four to six weeks.

Use a liquid fertilizer that is well-balanced or a specialty fertilizer made for indoor plants. Always follow the directions to the fertilizer container and observe how your pothos responds to find out if any changes need to be made.

Your pothos will flourish and enhance the look of your interior area if you give them the right care. I will come back with another informative guide soon. Till then safe gardening. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening! 


Can I fertilize my pothos with common houseplant fertilizer?

Yes, you can use an N-P-K fertilizer for houseplants that is balanced and all-purpose. As an alternative, use specialized fertilizer for indoor plants.

Is it safe to fertilize my pothos using organic materials?

Yes, organic fertilizers are appropriate for pothos. Options that deliver nutrients in a natural, gentle approach include EarthPods and Jobe’s Organics.

Should I water my plants before fertilizing them?

Yes, fully watering the plant before applying fertilizer is a recommended technique. This guarantees adequate nutrition uptake and lessens the chance of potential root burn.

What is the recommended amount of fertilizer for pothos?

For information on the suggested dosage, refer to the fertilizer’s container instructions. In general, using a diluted solution is advised to prevent overfertilization.

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