Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Are you planning to plant some plants under trees but don’t know which plants are best and how to plant them whether you are an expert in gardening or a beginner you need to get information on what plants are suitable for growing under trees so I am here to help you with this. As it is quite challenging to plant under the canopy of large trees. There are many points you need to consider and problems you need to solve like shade and lack of moisture but there are many plants that are able to tolerate these situations.

10+ varieties to grow under trees in your garden:

For selecting a plant for growing under trees in your garden make sure not to choose  the plants that are hardy plants and overtake the garden rather than that you need to choose the plant that is low-growing and can be easily grown under the canopy of the tree without disturbing other plants that already exist in your garden 


  • Hostas plants are perennial plants that are also known as plantain lilies.
  • They are able to grow best in shady locations so they are one of the easiest plants to grow.
  • The smaller varieties of the hostas plant tend to grow faster than larger varieties taking approximately up to 7 years to get matured.
  • The blooming time of the hostas flower is in summertime and it has different colors of flower-like white, lavender, or pink.
  •  Need to keep the plant away from dogs, cats, and horses due to its toxicity.
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden


  • Lilies are perennial plants and would be grown best even in winter weather
  • The lily plant comes in many shapes and colors such as pink, orange, and yellow. 
  • For planting the lilies you need a good amount of drainage so that they grow beautifully. 
  • The plant does love the sun and the growing of the plant is like leaning the stem towards the sunlight. 
  • The plants are able to grow best in the shade so they are a good option for planting them under a tree. 
  • They are poisonous plants in which the sal causes burning. So you need to be careful while planting them. 
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Wild Ginger:

  • Wild Ginger comes under the beautiful green perennial category having no relation with the Ginger we use to eat. 
  • The plant is able to grow about 6 to 10 inches tall and spreads up to 24 inches wide. 
  • The plant is non-invasive and the evergreen leaves of plants are heart shaped. 
  • The plant is used to burn in the sun so this is considered a good option for planting and understanding a tree in your garden. 
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Merry Bells aka Bellwort:

  • The Merry Bells aka Bellwort are categorized as a perennial plant that is native to Eastern North America but grows best in areas where there is moist and shade like in the Pacific Northwest. 
  • Adding the plant to your garden will add color to the garden. 
  • For planting the plant you need to buy the plant from a nursery because growing by seeding will be tough and time-consuming. 

Shooting Star:

  •  The shooting star plant is categorized as a herbaceous perennial and has over a dozen species in its genus.
  •  The plant is native to the central and eastern parts of the United States.
  • They grow best in moist areas.
  • They are partial shade-loving growing plants but they are able to tolerate sunlight in cooler areas.
  • The flower of the plant grows in different colors such as yellow, pink, or soft purple, even in blue-purple, yellow-orange, and pink-red combinations. 
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden


  • The crocus is a perennial plant that loves to grow in the group.
  • The ideal condition for growing crocus is in colder conditions as it is not able to grow well in hot climates.
  • In case you are living in the south then planting crocus there will perfect environment for it to grow under trees.
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Periwinkle Plant:

  • The Periwinkles plants are also known as creeping vinca or creeping myrtle.
  • The plant is often used as ground cover.
  • You need not need to take care of the plant.
  • The plant is a drought-resistant plant.
  • The plants are perfect to grow under trees shade and do control erosion of soil.
  • In case the plant is used to grow itself then it is hard to remove the plant.
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden


  • The fern plant does have an ancient lineage that used to grow from 354 million to 417 million years ago.
  • The plant is resilient against cold and heat so in the United States it can be grown year round. 
  • The hardiness zone of the plant makes them a good choice for shade I. E under trees. 
  • To grow the plant you require minimal effort and attention. 
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Wild Violets:

  • The wild violet plants have purple-blue flowers. 
  • The plants are available in different color varieties such as white or yellow. 
  • The plant loves to grow under trees’ shade. 
  • While planting them don’t worry about taking care of them as the plant takes care of it themselves. 
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Ajuga Plants:

  • The ajuga plant is also named as bugleweed and carpet bugle.
  • They are creeping evergreen plants that are considered perfect in order to add color to your garden. 
  • The flower of the plants comes in blue or purple and white color. 
  • The plant comes from the mint family. 
  • You need to just enclose the plant with edging in to maintain the plant
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden


  • The impatiens are called touch me not. 
  • They do have colorful flowers that you can easily grow by purchasing them from a nursery or garden center. 
  • They can also be planted by seeding or stem cutting.
  • The flower of the plant grows best in shade under trees and is sensitive to watering. 
  • The different colors of impatiens flowers are white, red, pink, violet, coral, purple, and yellow. 
Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Some points you need to Know Before You Plant Under Trees:

You need to know what are the important steps you need to take before planting the plant under trees. Here are some simple steps you need to consider to grow the plant under trees. 

Trim Trees:

Before planting plants under trees you need to clear the dead branches and trim the lower branches so that the under tree plants are able to get some sunlight to survive. 

Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Dig Holes Carefully:

Before planting under a tree you need to carefully dig a hole near the tree roots. You need to know that every plant needs its own spot to grow and accordingly, you need to dig the hole. Make sure to take care not to hit the root of the tree while digging and when the root gets damaged the tree starts to get weak and if not taken care of properly it can die which depends on the severe damage. 

Brilliant plants under trees: 10+ varieties to grow in your garden

Water Your Plants Diligently:

After planting them you need to water the plant to encourage the growth of the plant. 


To make your garden look attractive while planting under tree plants, then you need to make sure to plant them as close to the trunk of the trees as possible. Adding cover ground does take effort but they are worth it when you see the lush, fullness of the garden where you can work hard to grow them. 

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