15+ Types of Basil to grow in your garden and containers

In this article, you will be acknowledged for a few Types of Basil to grow in your garden and containers. Different basils have different kinds of flavours, tastes, and, aromas. Though there are lots of basil varieties out there we are mentioning the popular and best ones. Please take a look! 

Quick takeaways:

  • The basil plants are super awesome plants to grow in your herb garden.
  • Full of flavor and aroma, the plants are multipurpose and make the kitchen full.
  • The different basil plants have different kinds of flavors and aromas, giving you a distinctive experience. 
  • Some different types of basil to grow in your garden and containers are Sweet basil, Purple basil, Holy basil, Greek basil, Cardinal basil, etc.

What’s better than growing different varieties of basil just like varieties of purple tomatoes, if you easily can and get benefits of course from them.

15+ Types of Basil to grow in your garden and containers

Sweet basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum basilicum 
  • The most commonly used dishes find in the grocery store
  • The leaves of sweet basil are cup-shaped and round
  • The flavor is strong very classic spicy clove-like 
  • The leaves are bouncy and perfect for pesto, salads, Italian dishes, etc. 

Purple basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum basilicum ‘Purple Ruffles’.
  • The purple basil has colored with a purple to burgundy shade and adds a contrast to the garden.
  • The basil has a strong scent and flavor like clove.
  • The leaves when added to dishes make them coloured as well.
  • The pants get to a height of 18 inches and mature in 80 days with large leaves.

Lemon basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum basilicum citriodorum
  • The basil leaves are known for their lemony aroma when they are crushed or torn and used in dishes or drinks.
  • Lemon basil is gaining popularity due to its flavor.
  • The lemon basil plant gets to a height of 12-18 inches when grown fully.

Holy basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum tenuiflorum 
  • Holy basil is a sacred plant in the culture of Hindus.
  • Mostly known as Tulsi, the plant has many health benefits and is used for medicinal purposes too. 
  • Holy basil is also used in many drinks like tea, soup, etc.
  • The flavor of the basil leaves enhances when cooked in dishes, eating them raw might feel bitter.
  • The leaves have a strong scent with a spicy and sweet musk-like fragrance.

Cinnamon basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum basilicum ‘cinnamon’
  • The cinnamon basil plant is a beautiful-looking basil that can be included in the flowering garden as well as the herb garden.
  • The plant yields beautiful pink tiny flowers on a reddish to the purplish shaded stem. 
  • The basil leaves have a mild flavor and go well with the fruits in your garden. 
  • It is really popular in Asian countries where they use them in cooking with noodles, pasta salads, marinades, etc. 

Greek basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum basilicum var. Minimum ‘Greek’
  • This basil plant looks different from other basil plants as they have tiny pointed leaves and the plant is small in size up to 8 inches only.
  • The plant can be very easily grown in large pots as they are tiny plants and look aesthetic in your home corners as well. 
  • The leaves are popularly used to garnish dishes, in meaty foods, soups, etc. 

Genovese basil

  • Cultivar of Ocimum basilicum
  • Strong aroma 
  • This is known as classic Italian basil as popularly used in Italian dishes.
  • The leaves are larger than other universities and deep dark green coloured.
  • The leaves of the Genovese basil are less rounded and more pointed in the end with a flat surface than the sweet basil one. 

Cardinal basil

  • Scientific name-Ocimum basilicum ‘Cardinal’
  • Another beauty that is perfect for the ornamental garden is cardinal basil.
  • The basil blooms red coloured flowers that are grown n the tip of the stem in the cluster.
  • Used mostly in acidic liquids or oils to add some spice flavor to it.
  • Has the again strong spicy aroma.

Green ruffles

  • Scientific name- Ocimum basilicum ‘green ruffles’.
  • The green ruffles are a basil plant with ruffled leaves that have curls and curvy leaves.
  • The leaves look so different and unique.
  • Usually, the leaves are used in pasta, salads, and soups and have a soft delicious flavor.
  • The plant grows quite tall up to 22-24 inches. 

African blue basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum kilimandscharicum x basilicum ‘Dark Opal’
  • The African blue basil is tall and basil has flowers in a row at the tip of the stem. They reach up to 4 feet. 
  • The plant goes well in the flower bed and ornamental garden.
  • It has a strong aroma of a blend of pepper, clove, mint, and camphor-like. 
  • They can be used in making meat dishes, salads, and grilled vegetables. 

Lettuce basil

  • A large variety of Ocimum basilicum
  • Lettuce basil just like lettuce has wrinkled and large-sized leaves of 4 inches in width and 7-10 inches long
  • The flavor is mild and the variety is Italian with their use in salads, pasta, etc. 

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Lime basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum x africanum
  • The plants get to the height of 16-24 inches.
  • The leaves have a sweet flavor with a hint of lemon flavor.
  • The leaves are pointed and soft with proper bright green coloured.
  • Lime basil just like lemon basil has a similar flavor and scent so they can be added together to enhance the flavor.
  • They can be used in drinks, teas, etc.

Spicy globe basil

  • Cultivar of Ocimum basilicum 
  • The tiny leaves of spicy globe basil are perfect to add to soups and salads. 
  • The flavor of the leaves is spicy and a little sweet.
  • The plant appears like a bush so also called a spicy bush.

Pistou basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum basilicum ‘pistou’
  • Pistou basil is a dwarf basil plant and has a mild flavor.
  • The sweet and soil-like flavor makes them a choice of many French in making sauce and soups.
  • The plant blooms white flowers at the end of the stem as the plant has grown well.

Italian large leaf basil 

  • Scientific name- Ocimum basilicum
  • The basil plant has large leaves and more sweetness in leaves than its counterparts. 
  • They can be used in making desserts and other sweet-savory soups, etc.
  • Italian large-leaf basil plants get to the height of 18 to 24 inches and are resistant varieties.

Clove basil

  • Scientific name- Ocimum gratissimum 
  • Clove basil is also called African basil and wild basil in a few places
  • Using clove basil has many health benefits and is also used in medicinal uses to cure bacterial infections, diarrhea, cancer, etc. 
  • The plant has a large size than the other basil varieties
  • The leaves have a minty or clove fragrance and so do taste the same. The leaves are best used in baking dishes, making teas, etc.

Footnote of the context:

So now we hope you have decided what type of basil you will go for. You cannot go for all the varieties, but choosing two to three varieties will help you add flavor to your dishes and also give you a different appearance in your garden. You can also shuffle with the various types, as the chosen one gets mature and starts flowering, you can go for the other variety. Just simply visit any general nursery and get some seedlings and plant them. Enjoy planting basil! 

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