25+ Popular Houseplants: Easiest and Elegant Houseplants

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I hope you are doing appreciable in your gardening field. Let’s begin with this great thought mentioned above. Are you looking to turn your household into a greenhouse? If yes, then no worries. Various popular houseplants can be grown easily in your home garden. Yes, houseplants tend to add look, appearance, and beauty to your home and also have various benefits. So why not add more and more houseplants to your home? 

There are various popular houseplants such as snake plant, spider plant, pothos, English Ivy, lucky bamboo, parlor palm, bird of paradise, Christmas, cactus inch, plant, Chinese money, plant, and many more.

So without wasting time, let’s get started to learn about the most popular, easiest, and elegant houseplants to grow. 

Popular Houseplants: Easiest and Elegant Houseplants

Below is the list of the popular houseplants that I have collected for you to grow in your home garden to add elegance to your area. They are as follows: 

  1. Dracaena
  2. Snake plant
  3. Peperomia
  4. Spider plant
  5. Norfolk Island Pine
  6. Inch plant
  7. Chinese money plant
  8. English ivy 
  9. Asparagus fern 
  10. Pothos
  11. Philodendron 
  12. Peace lily 
  13. Dieffenbachia
  14. Zz plant 
  15. Lucky bamboo
  16. Agave
  17. Hoya
  18. Rubber tree
  19. Cast iron plant 
  20. Ficus
  21. Parlor Palm
  22. Jade plant
  23. Bird of Paradise
  24. Cat palm
  25. Christmas cactus 

Let’s know about them in detail: 


Popular Houseplants
  • Dracaena is one of the popular houseplants to grow in your home garden as it will elegance to your area.
  • Its large foliage tries to attack everyone, also its strap leaves in the shades of white, red, and cream look so mesmerizing. 
  • When you plant it on the table, you can choose a young plant as larger plants need floor area and its spacious. 
  • These plants will grow about 6 feet tall and about 3 feet wide. They require bright indirect sunlight for their growth. 

Snake plant

Popular Houseplants
  • The snake plant is one of the popular houseplants that will thrive well in low sunlight. 
  • So, adding them to your garden area will be great as it will only receive natural low sunlight. 
  • Water them very little as overwater will harm the plant’s growth. Being a beginner, it would be great to add the plant to your indoor collection. 
  • Keep the plant fuller by feeding it with its basic requirements like low sunlight, good level of humidity, etc. 


Popular Houseplants
  • Peperomia is a plant that is easy to grow houseplant and produces large leaves in the plant.
  • Some popular types include ripple peperomia, baby rubber plant, watermelon peperomia, Silverleaf peperomia, etc. 
  • It produces colorful foliage in the plant that looks waxy and attractive. It will grow about 1 foot tall in your area. 
  • Guys, you won’t believe me, but I know that this variety will add so much to your area including its color, appearance, etc. 

Spider plant

Popular Houseplants
  • Spider plants scientifically known as Chlorophytum comosum are not difficult to grow as all they need is a good level of humidity which will be received by them in the bathroom area. 
  • So, it is the best choice as they are the humidity-loving indoor plants. They will even look great if you plant them in the hanging baskets. 
  • They are one of the easiest plants to grow as they require minimal water for their growth and require very little sunlight to grow. 
  • You know it gets its name from its plantlets that look like spider legs. 

Norfolk Island Pine

Popular Houseplants
  • What about the Norfolk Pine? It is a tree that belongs to the Araucariaceae family. 
  • It serves as a great indoor plant that is easy to maintain and care for. So, what are you waiting for? You should grow this variety as it is one of the most beautiful and popular houseplants. 
  • You have to water the plant not much as it can harm its growth and the same is the case with the sunlight of the plant, they need bright indirect sunlight. 
  • Scientifically known as Araucaria heterophylla, grows well in your area if receives well well-drained and organic potting mix for its growth. 

Inch Plant

Popular Houseplants
  • Inch plants are considered one of those varieties that tend to produce unique foliage in your area which grows at a faster speed. 
  • They tend to grow about 1 inch every day and from this thing, they got their name as inch plant. 
  • They are not attention seekers when it comes to watering them or maintaining them as they kike everything on average. 
  • They are scientifically known as Tradescantia zebrina and require bright indirect sunlight for their growth. 

Chinese money plants

Popular Houseplants
  • The Chinese money plant is best known for its ornamental features. It is scientifically known as Pilea peperomioides. 
  • It would be added as one of the popular houseplants and a magical plant with coin-shaped leaves that will look attractive. 
  • It will not only provide a beautiful look to your area but also the environment will be sooting by planting this variety in the indoor area. 
  • Lastly, you will observe its blooms at the time of spring. They love to grow in the humidity so they are also one of the easiest and most elegant houseplants. 

English ivy 

Popular Houseplants
  • Another plant that falls under the popular houseplants is the English ivy which is best suited for hanging pots. 
  • They are even used as a ground cover and grow about 6 to 12 inches tall. 
  • This plant requires bright indirect sunlight for its growth and temperatures range between 55 to 70°F to grow well as a houseplant. 
  • You have to place the plant on the shelf where its stems can hang as it will grow more like this. Pruning is required as the stems will grow at a faster pace. 

Asparagus fern

Popular Houseplants
  • Asparagus fern is one of the popular houseplants that tend to produce white-colored flowers with needle-shaped stems that look attractive.
  • It belongs to the Asparagaceae family and is also even known by its lily family. They are the relatives of the tulips and hostas who belong to the lily family. 
  • It will grow about 18 to 36 inches tall and about 12 to 36 inches wide in bright indirect sunlight. 
  • You have to keep the poisonous berries away from your children as it is toxic for them and pets as well. 


Popular Houseplants
  • Guys, without adding pothos to your indoor collection, it won’t be completed as at least one variety should be in your collection. 
  • Pothos is described as an evergreen plant with thick and waxy virtue. Its leaves look like a heart-shaped image with thin layers of yellow color on the leaves.
  • Being a Great houseplant that comes in various shades is Scientifically named Epipremnum Aureum. 
  • So, what are you waiting for? Adding this to your popular houseplants would be great and even you can hang them as it suits them. 

Philodendron (Philodendron spp.)

Popular Houseplants
  • Philodendron is one of the tropical and popular houseplants that will grow well in indoor areas and require bright indirect sunlight for its growth. 
  • They are in love with the humidity so planting in the indoor area would be great for your area. They are one of the popular houseplants that is scientifically known as Philodendron hederaceum myocardium. 
  • If you water the plant more or less, then you will observe that the plant leaves are drooping which is not good for the plant. 
  • You have to keep the soil moist to grow well. So, they are the best and most popular houseplants. 

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp.)

Popular Houseplants
  • Peace lilies are one of the popular houseplants grown by every farmer as it has no demands when it comes to maintaining the plant. 
  • It will suit best as it is humidity-loving indoor plants, all you need is to water them frequently so that they grow properly. 
  • Make sure you are letting the soil dry for a long as it can harm the plant growth. For best results, you will observe its white-colored flowers.
  • Also, let it receive some bright filtered sunlight in the day and use a fertilizer for your plant so that it grows well. 


Popular Houseplants
  • Dieffenbachia is another variety that comes in the popular houseplants that are about 12 inches tall. 
  • Its large leaves will look appreciable with this aesthetic look. It requires moderate sunlight for rit growth. 
  • The temperature range required by this plant is 65 to 80°F. They will thrive well in the moist soil. 
  • So, dont waste your time int thinking so much, grow this variety in your home garden to see its results. 

ZZ plant

Popular Houseplants
  • The ZZ plant is also known as an Eternity plant as it tends to remain for a long time as compared to other plants.
  • As they grow in less sunlight and are drought tolerant, also they are long-lasting plants.
  • So, who will not add this variety to their home garden? It is one of the popular houseplants that will fill the area with its thick, smooth, and green-colored leaves.
  • It is scientifically known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It requires a temperature range of about  60-75°F. 

Lucky bamboo

Popular Houseplants
  • Growing lucky bamboo in your home garden. Dont mix this variety with the bamboo one, it tends to produce green-colored leaves in the plant. 
  • To add great value to your area, you can add lucky bamboo to your garden. It is also one of the easiest and elegant houseplants to grow.
  • It tends to thrive in the well-drained soil and rich organic soil to grow well. 
  • You will observe that this plant will show you its woody stems when it grows mature. 


Popular Houseplants
  • You might have seen that I have told you about his plant in my earlier articles, as growing agave as a houseplant is the best thing you can do in your gardening field. 
  • Though some people recommend growing it as an outdoor plant, they too do wonders when grown as an indoor plant. 
  • They require heat from this growth and humid environment to thrive well and that can be easily received inside. 
  • You can grow various species of it as it comes in various shapes and sizes but on average, it grows large about 5 feet high as a houseplant. 

The Hoya 

Popular Houseplants
  • It is one of the popular house plants that produces waxy green-colored leaves in the plant and will cherish you with its flowers occasionally.
  • It tends to produce pink color flowers that produce a mesmerizing fragrance.
  • So they were one of the most amazing houseplants to be grown as they will not only look attractive but also add magic with their fragrance to your indoor garden.
  • Its scientific name is Hoya carnosa. It tends to thrive in the light and also the temperature range between 55 to 75°F. 

Rubber Tree

Popular Houseplants
  • These are ideal plants that can be grown by new growers who only have a small amount to spend.
  • Whereas stores take a large amount of money for rubber trees. You can thrive a rubber tree in one growing season as long as 2 feet apart. 
  • It can be grown as long as you would let it be. When you see that the plant is growing, then remember you have to replant it. You need to take care of this plant wisely. 
  • It will serve as a great houseplant and cherish you with its large green-colored leaves. 

Cast-Iron Plant

Popular Houseplants
  • A cast iron plant is one of the plants that receive less light for its growth, even in low humidity and light range of temperature. 
  • It is scientifically known as Aspidistra elatior which requires moist soil for its growth.
  • It tends to grow 2 feet high and requires a temperature range between 45 to 85°F.
  • It is a large plant that will fill indoor space with its leaves and it is one of the easy-to-care plants so growing, it would not be a messy thing to do. 
  • It has also other varieties that produce white-colored or yellow-colored variegation on the leaves. 


Popular Houseplants
  • Ficus is one of those plants that produces green coloured leaves that a glossy and will spread a pride as a woody plant.
  • You can place the Ficus on the table or even as a floor plan depending on how much it has grown.
  • During winter, you don’t need to change the location of the plant so place it in that position so that its location remains unchanged.
  • It tends to produce about 1 to 12 feet tall, and 1 to 10 feet wide. It will grow best in well-drained and moist soil and bright indirect sunlight. 

Parlor palm

Popular Houseplants
  • One of the elegant and beautiful plants named parlor palm is scientifically known as Chamaedorea elegans. 
  • It can grow about 1-8 feet tall and 1-3 feet wide. It has been one of the most popular house plants since the time of Victoria.
  • It produces trap-like leaves on feathery Fronds that grow about 9 to 24 inches long. 
  • If you have an empty corner in your indoor area, then filling that area with this plant would be a great idea as it does not require more sunlight for its growth. 

Jade plant

Popular Houseplants
  • Hey folks, do you remember the jade plant I have also told you about this plant earlier in my previous articles. It is one of the popular that grows in bright, indirect sunlight.
  • It does not require more water for its growth as it is a slow grower and can remain without water for even months.
  • It is because it stores the water in its fleshy stems and leaves so whenever it requires water, it feeds itself. It will add an elegant plant and a fun contrast with the other succulents planted indoors. 
  • It can grow about 6 feet high and 3 feet wide and like to remain dry. Even the temperature requirement of this plant lies between 65 to 75°F. 

Bird of paradise 

Popular Houseplants
  • Bird of paradise is one of the tropical plants that will not bloom indoors as they do not receive sufficient sunlight, but its banana-shaped leaves will look attractive in your indoor garden.
  • You can place it near a couch as it will add a great look to your area. They require a location with full sunlight so that they can grow well.
  • You have to choose a 3-gallon pot for your plant so that this plant will show you its amazing benefits.
  • Make sure you are keeping the plant in a humid area if it is not in humidity then it will produce dry leaf tips and that is not good for plant growth. 

Cat Palm

Popular Houseplants
  • Cat palm is also called cascade or Chamaedorea cataractarum which will show you its results in a few years by growing about 6 feet tall. 
  • Even when the plant is small, it cherishes you with its elegant appearance and will thrive in plenty of water. 
  • Make sure not to provide them with direct sunlight, so placing them near windows would be great with its other species. 
  • Even, growing them in the container next to your sofa would be great as it will look attractive. 

Christmas cactus

Popular Houseplants
  • Last but not least, another popular houseplant that will add so much to your indoor garden is the Christmas cactus. 
  • It tends to produce blooms in the plant with the shapes of rose, reddish-orange, white, lilac, salmon, etc. that attract everyone. 
  • It will bloom at the time of late December. When its blooming period is over, you have to prune the plant so that it receives a good amount of sunlight. 
  • It will grow about 8 to 12 inches tall and 6 to 18 inches wide, just make sure to provide them with bright indirect sunlight and well-drained soil. 

Wrapping up the context 

In this guide, you come to know that Various popular houseplants can be grown easily in your home garden. Yes, houseplants tend to add look, appearance, and beauty to your home and also have various benefits. So why not add more and more house plans to your home? 

There are various popular houseplants such as snake plant, spider plant, pothos, English Ivy, lucky bamboo, parlor palm, bird of paradise, Christmas, cactus inch, plant, Chinese money, plant, and many more. So, read the whole guide to understand it properly. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

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