25 Popular Aglaonema Varieties (With Images)

This article is all about knowing a little more about some of the most popular Aglaonema Varieties with the aid of Images. Aglaonema is basically a genus that contains about 50 wonderful varieties of both indoor and outdoor houseplants. Most of these are indoor varieties.

The plants have unique-looking leaves that are mostly evergreens growing mostly in tropical to subtropical areas, that is why they are called Chinese evergreens. These plants are great ornamental plants with broad leaf blades and the plants belong to the flowering plant category.

However, the leaves of these plants have again a lot of attraction and popularity. Let’s see what popular varieties of Aglaonema you wouldn’t want to miss. So let’s dig in and get ready to enjoy some beauty over here!

25 Popular Aglaonema Varieties with Images

1. Aglaonema king of siam

25 Popular Aglaonema Varieties (With Images)
  • These plants are loved by beginners a lot because they are easy-to-grow plants with uniquely pinkish-red colored leaves that are spear-shaped.
  • Height: 70 cm tall 
  • Leaves dimensions: 20cm in length, 12cm broad.

2. Aglaonema marantifolium

  • These plants thrive in areas getting very little to medium sunlight and are mostly damp. The leaves are dark green on the edges and light green in the middle, lance-shaped, and vibrantly loaded with patterns. 
  • Height: 60cm
  • Leaves dimensions: 4-7 inches long, 2 inches wide.

3. Aglaonema silver curly 

  • The leaves of aglaonema silver curly are silver in color with white lined edges that are curved. The plant grows well in the morning in direct sunlight or the spot where it gets partial sunlight. 
  • Height: 91cm
  • Leaves: 9-12 inches in length 

4. Aglaonema commutatum

  • The plant is considered to be the twin of dumb cane plants that have variegated leaves and is also called the Chinese evergreen, and poison dart plant. They are popularly grown as houseplants. These plants are tropical perennial plants. 
  • Height: 45-60 cm
  • Leaves dimensions: 4-8 inches in length, 2-3 inches wide.

5. Aglaonema rotundum

  • The leaves of these plants are rounded to elliptical in shape and have neon pink colored stripes. The leaves are dark green colored that are really attractive and soothing to watch. 
  • Height: 20-25cm
  • Leaves dimensions: 2-5 inches in length and 2-3 inches wide 

6. Aglaonema costatum

  • The plants are also called spotted evergreen plants and are native to the tropical rainforest and humid warm conditions. The plants don’t like direct sunlight. These are the short aglaonema varieties and look really unique and vibrant inside the house. 
  • Height: 60cm
  • Leaves dimensions: 7 inches in length 

7. Aglaonema butterfly

  • The aglaonema butterflies are hardy and rough and tough plants that are highly drought tolerant. The plant can withstand adverse conditions with less food and water for a long time. The way leaves look to resemble a lot of butterflies with pretty spots and lightly curved edges. 
  • Height: 9-14 inches 
  • Leaves dimension: 4-8 inches in length, 2-3 inches wide 

8. Aglaonema maria

  • Maria is a fast-growing aglaonema variety and the plants have leaves that are short in size but broad, giving a more compact appearance. The leaves are dark green on the border and have silver variegation in the middle part. They are beginner friendly as again they are easy to care for. 
  • Height: 40-50cm 
  • Leaves dimensions: 4-5 inches in length and 2-3 inches wide 

9. Aglaonema treubii

  • The leaves of aglaonema treubii plants are glossy and pointed giving a graceful appearance. The silver-green leaves have pleasant patterns that make them the star of the show. 
  • Height: 30cm 

10. Aglaonema pictum

  • The aglaonema pictum is uniquely rare and the plants have leaves with three colors which make them different and given the name ‘tricolor’ for this reason. The plants are expensive in the markets as they are found easily. The leaves have three shades of green that are light green, green and dark green giving more like military clothes vibes. 
  • Height: 2 feet 
  • Leaves dimensions: 12-15cm in length 

11. Aglaonema Crete

  • The leaves of this plant are red-tinted with a high range of variegations. The stems are pale pinkish in color. There are tiny splashes on the leaves. The plant is low to medium light and looks really vibrant and striking indoors. 
  • Height: 50cm

12. Aglaonema cutlass

  • The plant has beautiful long, slender leaves that are blade shaped. The leaves have dark green color markings over the silvery green color. 
  • Height: 40-50cm 

13. Aglaonema white lance

  • The aglaonema white lance has this name due to its creamy white lance-shaped leaves having white petioles. The edges are green in color. 
  • Height: 60-70cm 

14. Aglaonema prestige 

  • The plants have attractive leaves with green and pink colored on the leaves. They have the tendency to grow in really low light. The plants have high humidity tolerance. 
  • Height: 40-60cm

15. Aglaonema super white

  • They are fantastic indoor plants giving the aesthetic appearance with the pure white colored leaves. The plants have a good ability to cleanse the air as well. They love war spots. 
  • Height: 50cm 

16. Aglaonema stripes 

  • The leaves have a deep green color that brightens up the spot. There are white colored stripes on the leaves. 
  • Height: 70-85cm 

17. Aglaonema green nitidum

  • These plants are erect and the leaves are silver-green variegated. The plants are low maintenance and their shape is lace to lanceolate and resemble the leaves of Calla Lily leaves.  The plants like low to medium sunlight. 
  • Height: 45cm 

18. Aglaonema anyanmanee

  • These plants are known for their high adaptability. The leaves are super attractive yet give a graceful look in the office or house indoors. The leaves have a combination of pink and green colors that look vibrant. The pants are slow growing. 
  • Height: 30-40cm 

19. Aglaonema georgi’s ruby 

  • These plants are excellent air purifiers and have enlisted their name in NASA’s ist too. The plants have leaves that are variegated, having green and red colors. 
  • Height: 18 inches 

20. Aglaonema BJ freeman

  • The plants grow in low to medium sunlight and are easy to care for. The leaves are cream-colored with deep green colored margins.
  • Height: 24-25 inches 

21. Aglaonema brilliant

  • These plants are ornamental varieties of aglaonema and are popularly grown in almost every house. The leaves are glossy and thick, also called wax plants. 
  • Height: 9-15 inches 

22. Aglaonema emerald star

  • The leaves of these plants have flat lanceolate leaves. The plant has a dense appearance due to the broad leaves that are pointed at the tips. There is a single line in the middle of the leaves with white colored dots on the leaves. 
  • Height: 45-55cm 

23. Aglaonema harlequin

  • They are great outdoor plant mottles with green and yellow color having ick colored veins. The stems are pink colored. 
  • Height: 8-12 inches 
  • Leaves dimensions: 17.4cm length, 10.2cm wide 

24. Aglaonema peacock

  • The leaves have vibrant yellow midrib with variegations. The leaves are large in size and the plants are really easy to grow with the easy availability. 
  • Height: up to 50cm 

25. Aglaonema chocolate

  • These plants need almost zero maintenance with the leaves dark green and wine-colored veins that sometimes get light to pink colored. 
  • Height: 0.5-1m

Final words of the context

We hope you like the beautiful and unique yet easy-to-grow varieties of aglaonema. These plants are super great options to bring to your indoors. We will be really obliged if you share your views and do let us know which variety took your heart the most. Happy planting! 

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