10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Planting and growing plants brings me happiness, but watching the plants getting mature gives even more joy. Did you know that if plants aren’t provided with extra fertilizer, their nutrient needs may not be fulfilled?

In the search for adding nutrition, people often buy fertilizer from the market. But what if I tell you there’s no need to buy any fertilizer? Yes, plant lovers, you heard it correctly.

I have provided the plants with fertilizer that I made myself. Don’t worry, I have explained all my methods and ways to create easy homemade plant fertilizer for your plants. If you encounter any problems, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants

Feeding your plant by using homemade food for the plant is an option that is safer, cost-effective, and very environmentally friendly way. So now let’s learn about how you can use normal household things to create your own DIY plant fertilizer  

The following are some easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer options For Your Plants that give help in boosting up the nutrient level naturally such as:

  • Crushed eggshells 
  • Banana peels 
  • Used coffee grounds
  • Green tea
  • Molasses
  • Epsom Salts
  • Wood ashes
  • Gelatin powder
  • Used cooking water 
  • Corn gluten meal

Crushed eggshells:

  • For growing plants, calcium is an extreme nutrient that helps to manufacture new cells.
  • The eggshell does have high concentrations of calcium that have trace amounts of elements like nitrogen, zinc, and phosphoric acid.
  • To use eggshells as fertilizer is quite easy like indoor plant food.
  • You need to save the eggshells as houseplant fertilizer in a freezer unless you get whole cartons worth.
  • After collecting a good amount of shells you need to simply crush them with the help of a rolling pin or you can use a coffee grinder.
  •  If you do want to wait you can mix the eggshells into the soil after planting the plant.
  • Make sure not to harm the roots of the plant while potting.
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Banana peels:

  • A banana is a healthy snack for humans but you can use the banana to provide helpful nutrients boosting for the plants. 
  • A banana consists of healthy doses of potassium that help in the growth of the plant especially growing roses. 
  • A way of adding bananas to the soil is by creating a sort of banana peel tea but for that, you need to save the old banana in a jar of water so that the banana peels are able to infuse nutrients from it into the water. 
  • Now you can pour the water over the plant. 
  • You can also use the banana but cut them into pieces and incorporate the piece into the soil surface.
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Used coffee grounds:

  • For boosting the nitrogen level coffee grounds are quite useful and help in growing strong foliage. 
  • The use of coffee grounds is good for acidic plants like fruit-bearing trees, begonias, African violates, and roses. 
  • You can use them as fertilizer by top dressing. 
  • You need to dry the coffee grounds and then only spread them as a thin layer of the soil as it will help to prevent mold growth. 
  • The other method of using coffee grounds is by making a liquid coffee ground fertilizer and then soaking the coffee in a water jar for a week at least. 
  • Providing the plant with coffee will help with nitrogen-infused water. 
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Green tea:

  • Green tea bags can be used as a fertilizer for acid-loving plants like fruit-bearing trees, begonias, African violates, and roses. 
  • They consist of tannic acid which helps the plant to lower the pH of the soil. 
  • They are high in nutrient concentration, which helps in improving the oxygenation of the soil and helps the plant roots to thrive. 
  • You can fertilize them by brewing one green tea bag per two gallons of water every 4 weeks which helps in growing the plant strong and healthy. 
  • You need to make sure to cool the water before pouring over the plant soil surface.
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 


  • Molasses consist of carbon potassium calcium magnesium Potash copper Magnus iron and many other important minerals that are good for plants.
  • Molasses are also used by microorganisms that live in the soil as a food source.
  • Using molasses as a fertilizer provides a sugar boost to the microorganisms within the tea. 
  • They also help in promoting the Rapid growth of the plant.
  • You can also mix the molasses with other natural fertilizers for example  Epsom salts and alfalfa meal. 
  • For mixing them to the soil we need to mix one cup of each fertilizer that I have mentioned in the book into 4 gallons of water and with one TBS of molasses Now use this as you use to water the plant. .
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Epsom Salts:

  • Epsom salt is a specific fertilizer for those plants who have having deficiency in Magnesium or sulfur.
  • Avoid using the Epsom salt in excess. 
  • The magnesium contained in the salt is considered an essential building block for the chlorophyll molecules.
  • Atlas we can say that the green bright color of the plant is due to the presence of magnesium. 
  • The plant doesn’t have sufficient magnesium; the green color of the plant starts fading and does occur yellow around the edge and between the leaves. 
  • In case of the deficiency of magnesium then using salt will be effective for rebuilding the chlorophyll and again returning to the green color of the plant leaves. 
  • There are many plants in which you can find a deficiency of magnesium like Herbs roses, peppers, or tomatoes. 
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Wood ashes:

  • Wood Ashes have the quality of raising the pH level of the potting soil and adding the Ashes from the burned wood is an easy and safe process. 
  • It consists of a healthy dose of potassium calcium phosphorus benefitting plants.
  • In case you find there is a need to add wood Ash to the potting soil you need to perform a soil pH test and if you find it is below 6.5 then you can add wood ash to the soil otherwise it will be harmful to the plant.
  • To add the wood Ashes, just simply sprinkle the Ashes on the surface of the soil.
  • Avoid getting Deep soil as it will disturb the roots of the plant. After that you need to water the plant immediately. 
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Gelatin Powder:

  • Adding gelatin powder helps to provide the plant with the essential content that is nitrogen which is healthy for plant growth. 
  • Gillette in powder is very useful for plants like elephant ears or monster plants which do have large attractive leaves. 
  • You need to dissolve the Powder in a 17-gram packet into one quart of water. 
  • You need to pour the solution directly into the water once a month. 
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Used Cooking Water:

  • You can use the micronutrients that are present in food like Pasta vegetables or eggs when they are boiled they release the micronutrients into the water.
  • The nutrients are such as Phosphorus nitrogen and Calcium. 
  • You can also use the cooking water through the plant which does benefit a lot to the plants.
  • Boring the water on the soil helps promote Nutrient storage in the soil. 
  • Using cooking water is helpful to plants like ferns or umbrella plants. 
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

Corn Gluten Meal:

  • The cone gluten meal is created by a wet milling process of cons which contains 10% of Nitrogen.
  • This is more commonly used as an organic pre-emergent herbicide. 
  • It is considered harmful for the seed germination process but for the plants which are already established, it is quite beneficial for them.
  • When you apply this to the soil, a nitrogen boost helps the plant with lots of foliage. 
  • You just need to apply a thin layer of corn gluten meal at the surface of the soil. 
  • Always make sure not to disturb the roots of the plant. 
10 Easy Homemade DIY Plant Fertilizer For Your Plants 

The N-P-K Ratio:

For making a homemade fertilizer for your plan you need to understand what is the meaning of the N-P-K ratio. So I am here to explain to you about the ratio. 

Basically, N-P-K means the element name for the nutrients such as nitrogen Phosphorus, and potassium.


Nitrogen is an important nutrient for the growth of the stems and foliage of the plant. For a plant like a monstera or elephant ear, you need a fertilizer having a high N number then P and K in the early stage for rapid growth. 


Phosphorus is considered a healthy and important factor for the root systems and for flower production. So the fertilizer that you bring from the store has high amounts of phosphorous to promote floral displays.


Potassium helps to increase plant hardiness which provides the plant with insect and disease resistance. If the plant has potassium deficiency then it tends to grow slower and doesn’t look healthy.


Hence concluding with some tips, don’t just feed the plant with an extra amount of fertilizer just thinking it’s for free because excess of anything is harmful.

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