Philodendron Warscewiczii: Quick Growing And Caring Guide To Follow 

Adding various philodendron varieties to your garden will make it an all-rounder choice for gardeners. Another variety is Philodendron Warscewiczii which grows as a well-maintained plant. Hey folks! I’m Anna Scott, a Gardener by heart and Profession, started my Journey 15 years ago and Now I am teaching other gardeners as well to achieve their goals.

Philodendron has various species and one of the best is Philodendron Warscewiczii which is Native to Central America. It tends to produce blade-like stems in the plant with feathery leaves that look attractive. Its stunning blooms are white that contrast well with the other plants in the garden area. Its vibrant-colored leaves are in great demand. 

So let’s get started to know more about how to grow and care for philodendron warscewiczii like philodendron splendid in detail. Stay connected with this article for proper understanding. 

Philodendron Warscewiczii: Quick Growing And Caring Guide To Follow 

About Philodendron Warscewiczii Aurea Plant

Philodendrons are adorable choices for gardeners that are tolerant and low maintenance plants as compared to other house plants philodendron can grow in any climatic conditions as they are not too demanding so to enhance the beauty of your indoor location you can choose an amazing variety of philodendrons named philodendron warscewiczii Aurea plant. 

This houseplant is rare to find but it will cherish you with its amazing benefits. Also, if you do not know how to grow and care for it, then I will explain it in the further article. Till then Stay connected with this guide. 

How to Grow And Care For Philodendron Warscewiczii Aurea Plant?

Philodendrons are amazing additions to your houseplant collection. They will add value to your indoor location with their appearance.

So, growing this variety of philodendrons named philodendron warscewczii will benefit you but how? If you grow this variety, below are the points to know how to grow and care for philodendron warscewiczii: 


  • Philodendron Warscewiczii likes a well-drained soil mix to grow well.
  • Add light, orchid bark, and charcoal, to it which will add extra nutrients to the soil, which is good for the health of the soil.
  • Choose a pot with drainage holes so that the water drains from the plant quickly.
  • It will prevent fungal diseases like root rot from the plant. 
Philodendron Warscewiczii: Quick Growing And Caring Guide To Follow 


  • Fertilizer is required by every plant to grow healthy. This plant needs balanced liquid fertilizer to stay healthy. 
  • Keep in mind to dilute the strength of the fertilizer to half when the plant is growing actively.
  • Fertilization starts from spring till early fall. During this time fertilize the plant one time a month.
  • It will provide nutrients to the plant which enhances its growth.
  • Do not over-fertilize the plant so it is avoid to fertilize the plant during winter because the plant is in its dormant period at that time. 


  • It requires a good amount of bright indirect light to grow as it is a tropical plant belonging to the tropical forest.
  • To save the leaves from the burn, keep the plant away from the rays of direct sunlight.
  • It will grow faster and develop more leaves in the plant if it receives a good amount of sunlight.
  • It can also grow in the low sunlight conditions. Place the plant near the east or west-facing window to receive plenty of sunlight to grow.


  • This plant will grow well in the ideal temperature range that lies between 65 to 85°F or 18 to 29°C.
  • It is a tropical plant that requires warm climatic conditions to grow.
  • Keep the plant away from the cold drafts as it will damage the growth of the plant.
  • In addition to this, heaters will also affect the plant’s growth so keep them away for the healthy development of the plant. 


  • This plant needs a good amount of water as it likes to remain hydrated. 
  • Keep water in the plant until the water comes out from the drainage holes.
  • Check the moisture of the soil by inserting a finger inside about 1 to 2 inches deep.
  • If the soil feels dry, then is the right time to water your plant and if the soil is wet, then there is no need to water the plant.
  • Also, keep the saucer empty under the pot to avoid root rot in the plant.
Philodendron Warscewiczii: Quick Growing And Caring Guide To Follow 


  • Philodendrons like to go in the high humidity which should be around 60 to 80%. 
  • To increase the level of humidity in plants, make of pebble tray filled with water and keep it under the pot.
  • Also, if you invest in a humidifier, it will help the plant receive plenty of humidity to grow.
  • Keep all the humidity-loving plants together so that they share humidity, or you can mist the plant frequently.

Time Of Blooming

  • This plant will bloom once in a while after every few years.
  • It will cherish you with its white-colored blooms that will add a beautiful appearance to this plant.
  • Care for your plant properly to see its amazing display. 


  • Philodendron Warscewiczii likes to be reported when the roots are overgrown and are coming out from the drainage hole.
  • It will take about 2 to 3 years. So wait for 2 to 3 years to repot your plant.
  • Choose a new pot for the plant that is 1 to 2 inches bigger in diameter than the current pot.
  • Also, use fresh soil mix for your plant. The pot should have a good amount of drainage holes.
  • Gently pull the root ball to loosen it, and then place the plant there in the new fresh soil mix.  


  • Pruning is required to maintain a healthy shape and size in the plant. Also to promote healthy development of the plant, trim the old foliage.
  • It is done at the time when the plant grows actively, especially in the spring or early summer.
  • Remove all the yellow and damaged leaves from the plant to encourage new growth.
  • Last, but not least, make use of sharp and sterilized scissors to trim off the plant to prevent infection. 


This variety can be propagated with various methods, but the best method to propagate philodendron Warscewiczii is with the help of seeds. Being a professional, you can even grow it with the help of cuttings.  

The ideal time to propagate this plant is when the plant is actively growing such as the spring season for the Philodendrons. 

During this time, the sun is bright, so it will help in growing the plant at its best. Choose the material like healthy stems containing nodes, gardening scissors, etc to begin the process. 

Philodendron Warscewiczii: Quick Growing And Caring Guide To Follow 

Below are the following steps to propagate philodendron Warscewiczii in your home garden:

  • First, choose the cutting from the parent plant consisting of 2 to 3 leaves at the bottom.
  • Then put the cutting in the pot filled with good soil mix that is well drained and moist.
  • Then gently press the smile so that it remains firm and helps the cutting to stand.
  • Wait for a few weeks, then keep the soil moist unless the plant becomes fully mature.
  • Its road system will grow very quickly if you place the plant in a bright location (Note: except direct sunlight).
  • Spray the plant with medicine like streptomycin one time in a week, if there is any disease in the plant. 


  • It produces feathery leaves in the plant that grows about 3 feet tall.
  • It also has a central vein and blade-like stems of contrast well with the other plans in the garden area.
  • Its green leaves provide an unmatchable look that is built to impress everyone. 

Common Pests & Diseases of Philodendron Warscewiczii

Like other houseplants, this plant will come in contact with various common pests like spider mites, aphids, mealybugs, etc that tends to come to the plant to suck its foliage and satisfy their hunger, which in return spoils the growth of the plant. 

To prevent pests and diseases from coming in contact with your plant, follow the below preventive measures: 

  • Make use of any horticultural oil such as Neem oil or insecticidal soap on the plant to save the foliage.
  • Keep a check on the plants regularly to see the signs of the pests.
  • Also, inspect the root rot in the plant, see if the plant is overwatered or not, and if it is then throw away the excess water from the plant. 
Philodendron Warscewiczii: Quick Growing And Caring Guide To Follow 

Philodendron Warscewiczii Toxicity

Philodendron Warscewiczii contains insoluble calcium oxalate crystals that are present in every part of the plant just like the other varieties of philodendrons. 

It will harm everyone if you ingest it. It will cause irritation, eye-swelling, and breathing issues and can go to any extent if not taken care of on time. 

Last but not least, Do not let the children and pets come to the plant and ingest it accidentally. And if it happens then immediately call the veterinarian or doctor to treat the cause. 

Note: Philodendron plants are considered to be toxic so keep them away from the children and pets in your home.

Useful Tips And Tricks

Below are some amazing tips and tricks to lighten up the philodendron in your home garden. They are as follows:

  • Clean the dust from the leaves often with the help of a wet cloth.
  • Wipe the leaves dry after doing so to prevent diseases.
  • Make use of nitrogen fertilizer which makes the bushy foliage in the plant. 
  • Last but not least, keep in mind to keep the soil moist. 
  • Waterlogged soil is hated by the plant so do not let the water sit in the plant. 

Summing up the Context 

In this guide, you come to know that Philodendron has various species and one of the best is Philodendron Warscewiczii which is Native to Central America. It tends to produce blade-like stems in the plant with feathery leaves that look attractive. 

Its stunning blooms are white that contrast well with the other plants in the garden area. Its vibrant-colored leaves are in great demand. I hope you are clear with the guide, if not, then read the whole guide. I will come back with another informative guide soon. Till then safe gardening. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening! 


What soil mix for philodendron warscewiczii?

It grows in a well-drained soil mix. Add perlite and coconut coir to the soil to enhance its health. Do not keep the soil waterlogged, so drain away the excess water from the soil. 

Does Philodendron Warscewiczii climb?

This plant produces green-colored leaves in the plant. Yes, it can climb but its foliage of about 3-4 feet long will be supported by the thick stems in the plant. 

What fertilizer do philodendrons like?

It requires nitrogen-based fertilizer to grow well. Nitrogen-based fertilizers are specially made for leafy plants such as philodendrons. It will promote healthy blooming in the plant. For roots, fruits, and blooms, provide this plant with phosphorus-based fertilizers too. 

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