How to Grow & Care for Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ (2024)

Just WOW! That was my reaction after seeing Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso.’ However, when I brought it home, the plant didn’t grow the way it was blooming in the nursery. I felt disappointed seeing this.

Do you know where I went wrong? I bought the plant because of its attractiveness, without knowing specific requirements such as water, light, fertilizer, and temperature for optimal growth.

However, it doesn’t matter that I failed but the main thing is I didn’t give up. Instead, I delved into everything about the plant and started providing it with all its necessary growing conditions. For plant lovers, who want to grow this stunning plant? To help you out, I have detailed all my implementations that will help the plant thrive at its best.

Quick takeaways:

Scientific namePeperomia caperata ‘Rosso’
Common NameEmerald Ripple Pepper, Radiator Plant, Peperomia Eden Rosso
LightBright, indirect light
WateringWater twice or thrice a week
Temperature55° – 75°F (13°C – 24° C)
Hardiness ZoneUSDA Hardiness Zones 11-12
Humidity>75 %
Soil TypeLight, airy, and well-draining soil
Soil pHslightly acidic: pH 6.0 – 6.6. 
FertilizingFertilizers are generally not needed
RepottingOnce the plant has outgrown its current spot
PruningOnce every 8-12 months since the plant grows slowly
PropagationLeaf and stem cuttings
ToxicityNo known toxicity
Mature SizeReaches only about 8 inches tall and 8 inches wide
Bloom TimeEarly spring and summer
How to Grow & Care for Peperomia Caperata 'Rosso'

How to Grow Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’?

Growing Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ is a slow process but growing with stem cutting or leaf will make it a little easier and cost-effective.

Stem cutting:

The following are some steps for doing stem cutting:

  • First, you have to cut off a long stem having a couple of leaves.
  • Now make a hole in clean, fresh compost after that you need to place the end of the stem in the hole.
  • Now you need to firm up the compost around the stems cutting.
  • You need to water the cutting and keep it in a warm place like indirect, bright sunlight.
How to Grow & Care for Peperomia Caperata 'Rosso'


The following are some steps for leaf-cutting:

  • You need to cut off a leaf having a stem attached to it.
  • Next, cut the stem in a slopping manner.
  • After cutting the stem you need to dip the stem into rooting hormone.
  • Now put the cutting into clean and fresh compost and mix the rooting hormone in it.
  • This is the same are the stem cutting.

Some interesting facts:

  • Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ belongs to the Piperaceae family.
  • They originated from  Brazil, Central, and South America.
  • The plant does have attractive foliage with striking red from the bottom of leaves and deeply corrugated, wrinkled dark green leaves.
  • The pants get to grow in a rosette formation of about 8 inches high and wide.

How to  for Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’?

There are some basic requirements that you need to look into for growing Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ such as:

  • Light
  • Soil
  • Humidity
  • Watering
  • Pruning
  • Repotting and potting
  • Temperature


  • For growing the plant you need to give them bright but indirect light. 
  • The plant is able to survive in low light conditions but you need to avoid the condition of full sun exposure that will scorch the plant. 
  • You can place the plant at least a meter away from a window to get a good amount of light and filter the light by using curtains or drapes. 


Keeping the plant in the early morning hours or late afternoon sunlight will maintain the plant’s vibrance as other times between it the light is too intense and can harm the plant.


  • You can If the plant does need to water by sticking your index finger into the soil for at least 2 inches deep and if you find the soil is dry you need to water the plant.
  • You should water them thoroughly at that time of dry soil.
  • You should water the plant until the water starts dripping out from the container and make sure the excess water drains out completely.
  • The perfect way of watering the Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ is twice or thrice a week.


  • The right temperature for growing ranges from 55° – 75° F (13° C – 24° C).
  • Keeping the plant out of this temperature range will create problems as they dont have any high or low-temperature tolerance.
  • You need to maintain an indoor temperature of at least  68 to 75° F.
  •  Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso’ falls in USDA hardiness zones which are 11 to 12.
  • You need to protect the plant from cold extreme temperatures during the winter season.
How to Grow & Care for Peperomia Caperata 'Rosso'


  • The maintaining of humidity level is pretty much adaptable that is finding the homes.
  • The right humidity for growing Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’  is categorized as moderate, or 40 – 50 %
  • The humidity level for growing healthy Peperomia Caperata is at least 75%.


If you want to maintain the humidity of the plant for planting them at home you can use misting regularly or you can use a pebble tray.


  • The soil required to grow Peperomia Caperata is similar to epiphytic houseplants such as loose, airy soil that can hold just enough moisture. 
  • You can also make a soil mix by combining a 1:1 ratio of peat moss and perlite. 
  • For making the soil mix use a low leveled container but avoid any heavy and clumpy soil that will not make the growth of the roots slow.
  • The pH level for planting Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ ranges from pH 6.0 – 6.6.


  • In case you want to see quick growth of the Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ you can apply fertilizer.
  • The perfect amount of mixing fertilizer is in the ratio of 20-20-20.
  •  You can add some organic supplements like vermicast or humificants that will help the plant to thrive in the wild.

Potting & Repotting:

  • If you find that Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ is growing out of the current pot then it’s high time for repotting the plant.
  • As time passes the roots of the plant start becoming clumpy and may eventually cause stunted growth so repotting the plant is an important step for maintaining the vibrancy of the plant. 
  • For selecting the container you need to select at least twice the pot size and use fresh potting soil by making 50 % perlite and 50 % peat moss.
How to Grow & Care for Peperomia Caperata 'Rosso'


  • By pruning Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ you can keep the plant healthy.
  • The pruning process helps prolong their life.
  • Pruning helps reduce the risk of attacking pests.
  • Remember to use a sharp and sanitized shear for pruning and cutting the damaged leaves.
  • Trimming the old leaves or diseased leaves will the plant to be healthy.
  • Ensure not to overdo the pruning.
  • You should only prune once or twice a year.


So I am sure you will be satisfied with the information and try to provide all the basic requirements needed for Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ planting. I hope the information results in a high success rate of growing Rosse in your location,

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