Overwatered Aloe Plant – Signs and Step-by-Step Solution

This article is all about the Overwatered Aloe Plant, its Signs, and Step-by-Step Solutions. Aloe vera plant is one of the plants that are mostly grown as it has various uses. Being succulent, it need not be maintained properly. All they need is the right amount of nutrients for their growth. There are many plants that look like aloe vera like Yucca, Agave, Haworthia, Pineapple plant, Gasteria, etc.

Key takeaways:

  • Aloe vera plant has features that help you in healing the problems in humans. It has various skin-healing characteristics too.
  • There are various signs of overwatered aloe plants such as wilted leaves in the plant, curled leaves, brown leaf tips, root rot, and mushy soil the plant as which indicates that the plant is suffering from overwatering.

Sometimes the plant suffers from issues that are not good for its survival. Do you know any of these issues? Let me tell you that overwatering is the main issue that is being faced by farmers all over as it makes the plant weak.

Overwatered Aloe Plant - Signs and Step-by-Step Solution

Let’s move further from its proper understanding. 

Signs of the overwatered aloe plant

When the plant becomes overwatered, it needs to be cured soon otherwise it will get spoiled. Before doing so, it is important to know some of its signs and know if they are overwatered or not.  Below are the signs for the overwatered aloe plant: 

1. Wilted leaves 

The foremost sign that will be seen by you if your aloe vera is overwatered is the wilted leaves. Wilted or droopy leaves show both instances, one that the plant is receiving water in excess and another that the plant is not receiving plenty of water for its survival.

You need to look after these issues so that the plant does not get spoiled. 

2. Observe the discolored leaves

Another sign that will let you know about the overwatered aloe is the discolored leaves or faded leaves which is not a good sign for the plant or check for the black spots on the leaves

Even brown leaves will also indicate the overwatering of the aloe vera plants.      

3. Wet soil

Overwatering occurs when the soil remains wet for a long, making the soil waterlogged which shows that the plant is suffering from various issues. 

For instance, aloe vera plants need water when the soil of the plant is dry about an inch deep not more than that, otherwise, it accuses overwatering in the plant. 

4. Musty soil is another sign

Overwatering is not good for the plants and when it happens in excess it spoils the plant. 

When the soil remains wet for a long time, the soil will become mushy which is not a good sign. Need not worry as this sissy can be solved if you remain connected with the guide. 

5. Blistered leaves 

Another sign that depicts that the aloe plant is overwatered is the blistered leaves. Overwatered aloe plant blasted their cells which makes their leaves blistered. 

6. Root rot 

Another bad sign that you will notice is root rot. Overwatering is the main culprit behind the rotted roots. What is the fun of planting plants if you can not take care of them? You will see the root rot by observing the bad odor of the plant. 

You can even check its roots and if you see any brown roots, then it is sure that it is suffering from root rot due to the overwatering.  

7. Are you observing mushy stems?

Last but not least, you have to look for the soft stems in the plant, and if there are any then you need to be careful with the plant as it is suffering from overwatering which is not at all a good sign. 

Overwatering causes root rot in the plant which spreads in the stem and is not good for you. 

Things to remember for avoiding overwatering
1. Make sure you check the level of moisture before watering your plant. 
2. Check the soil and if it is dry, then only water it.
3. You can check by inserting the finger about an inch into the soil, if it’s wet, you need to water them.
4. Do not let the water collect in the pot as it can cause fungal issues.
5. Provide drainage holes in the container.
6. Water your aloe plant regularly for its constant growth and results.

How to save your aloe plant step-by-step solution? 

Overwatered aloe vera plants can be saved if you wish to. Below are the steps that can help you in fixing your aloe vera plant step by step solution: 

Step 1- First, you need to take the plant out of the container or pot, and make sure you do not damage its roots.

Step 2- Then, check the spoiled and brown-colored roots.

Step 3- Trim off the rotted roots because of the overwatering. Do not cut the healthy roots.

Step 4- Next you have to make use of a fungicide so that you rinse the roots that are still there. 

Step 5- It is the right time to choose the right pot for your plant as you need to grow your plant healthily so choosing an appropriate container is a must. 

Step 6- You can choose any pot with some good drainage holes.

Step 7- Choose a potting mix but take a new one that should be well drained. It can be gravel, perlite, or any other that suits your plant. 

Step 8- Then, plant your aloe plant in the new pot so that you see good growth in the plant. You can do so easily. 

Step 9- You need to water your ale plant regularly so that it restores the plant. Place them at a good location where they receive sunlight from their growth 

Step 10- Last but not least, make sure you water them when they become dry so that they remain moist and well drained. Provide them with good quality water. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that the Aloe vera plant is one of the plants that are mostly grown as it has various uses. It has features that help you in healing the problems in humans. It has various skin-healing characteristics too. Being succulent, it need not be maintained properly. 

All they need is the right amount of nutrients for their growth. Sometimes the plant suffers from issues that are not good for its survival. Overwatering is the main issue that is being faced by farmers all over as it makes the plant weak but make sure not to underwater the aloe vera plant. Read the guide fully to know about the steps that can help you in saving your plant.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


1. Can you save your overwatered aloe plant? 

Yes, you can easily save your overwatered aloe plant. It needs your effort and the right way to do so. You can try the following ways to fix your overwatered aloe vera plant such as report your plant, making drainage holes in the pot, removing the rotted roots, trimming the brown leaves, etc. by doing so, you will save your overwatered aloe plant. 

2. Why does the aloe vera plant droop? 

The aloe vera plant tends to droop when it doesn’t receive nutrients for its growth. They might suffer from the issues such as overwatering, underwatering, lack of sunlight, etc which makes the plant wilt or droop. 

3. How to tell if the aloe plant is overwatered? 

It is easy to find the overwatered aloe vera plant, though it is tricky because it can be done. You can see if your plant is overwatered by observing the broken roots in the soil, by seeing if there is any mushy soil around the plant, and if wet soil shows signs of overwatering too

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