28+ Different Outdoor Trellis to Use in Your Garden for Growing Plants

Have you gotten fed up with seeing your flowers, vegetables, and fruits getting damaged? It really feels so disappointing to see all your efforts go to waste. It’s not only you facing the problem; I was dealing with it too.

After struggling to get positive results, I discovered the trellis, and when I used it, I was so happy to see my plants thriving and blooming. Now, I use different types of outdoor trellises according to my plants’ requirements.

Here, I have explained 20+ different outdoor trellises, most of which I am using in my garden. You can go through the article and find which one is best for your plants. If you have any questions regarding trellises or how to use them, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

Some different outdoor trellis:

Using an outdoor trellis does add beauty to any garden and can be used for different purposes which depend on gardening needs and garden design. They are to support the climbing plant or veggies and to hide plain walls making the vines grow over the trellises which can add a personal touch to the Garden being a budget-friendly option.

The trellis Not only provides plenty of support for vining plants such as ivy and wisteria but also helps to create shade and privacy after the vine blooms fully. Adding them does add depth and texture to the garden That will add a standing backdrop for the outdoor space. 

Basically, the trellis is made of different materials such as wood, twigs, metal, or plastic that can be permanent or removable. If you are using them for heavy plants such as a climbing hydrangea then you need to add an anchor to the trellis. 

The following are some different outdoor trellis from which you can decide which will best to use according to your garden:

Salvaged Window Trellis:

  • The salvaged window outdoor trellis provides the perfect support for climbing wine, such as the star Jasmine
  • To use it you need to remove the glass panes and then hang them on the wall or rest on the potting shed.
Different Outdoor Trellis to Use in Your Garden for Growing Plants

Branches and Twine Trellis:

  • You are going to love the rustic look of the climbing wine such as sweet peas scrambling up like poplar or birch, tied with twine.
  • They are not able to hold a plant, but it is good to use for annuals such as sweet peas or morning glories.

Vintage Fence Trellis:

  • Lean vintage fence outdoor trellis peace against the house is a quick easy solution for the climbing plants
  • You can find them in shop flea markets.

DIY Pergola:

  • You can use the pergola outdoor trellis for supporting the structure of vines such as clematis and also provide them shade.
  • If you want to build them, you need to call the local utilities that will give a marked location of the underground line as it is required to sink the post at least one-quarter of its height.

T-Post Trellis:

  • It is a sweet, rustic little outdoor trellis that can be made from posts, poplar twigs, and twine and can use zip ties too.
  • You need to use the bigger branch on the bottom and the smaller one at the top and make alternate thick ends on each row

Honeycomb Trellis:

  • Using a honeycomb trellis does add serious zing to the property.
  • You can use a miter saw for making the hexagonal cuts then mount the trellis onto a fence.
  • Make sure to use screws into the horizontal supports.

Plastic Netting Trellis:

  • You can use plastic netting outdoor trellis that can be used for simple vegetables lasting for a few seasons.
  • They are also called poultry netting to two pound-in metal garden stakes.

Espaliered Trees:

  • They are a form of pruning that makes trees grow flat against the wall or in a line.
  • Using it gives a fence kike appearance for privacy but it will take some time and effort for placing them.

Fancy Trellis:

  • They are beautiful trellis to be shown off at the entrance of the home when it gets draped with flower vines like clematis.
  • Make sure to use pressure-treated lumber and a stain/ sealer.

Bamboo Trellis:

  • The bamboo outdoor trellis used to last forever.
  • To use it, just buy a package of tall, bamboo pieces, make them to lean together, and lash the tops together.
  • The result will give you a bean tunnel that can be disassembled and stored easily when winter comes.

Cedar Board Clematis Trellis:

  • It’s time to forget the boring backyard fence and use an outdoor trellis which will give your flowering vines such as jessamine which provides them support to climb high.
  • To use it, just cut the cedar board into short strips and make a simple trellis.

Wire Wall Trellis:

  • Using the wire wall outdoor trellis using masonry anchors, eye hooks, and cable wire to create a great foundation that will help to cover the plant.

Fir Board Trellis with Planter Box:

  • These are two projects in one such as an outdoor trellis that is mounted inside a handy planter.
  • The box does have a caster mounted on the bottom that makes it easy for the plant to move.

No-Weld Copper Trellis:

  • There is no need to weld this outdoor trellis. You can assemble the copper pipe beautifully without using super strong glue.
  • With age, it will form a beautiful patina.

Rustic Birch Trellis Ladder:

  • If you want an outdoor trellis to use for your plant or as seasonal decor.
  • It is considered a lovely addition to a porch or patio.

Crisscross Wall Trellis:

  • These are the outdoor trellis that is use in most formal outdoor spaces.

Rustic Sapling Trellis:

  • They are whimsical and charming, made with green saplings.
  • They used to get bent into a hoop shale and wedged between large rocks after they got dry.

Garden Obelisk:

  • a garden obelisk is possible to use from a tomato cage to a rose trellis for roses.
  • They are easy to get assembled out of pine pieces when you paint or stain them to protect them from the elements.

Cattle Panel Trellis:

  • These cattle panel outdoor trellis are made from metal cattle panels.
  • It is used to grow cucumbers, peas, and beans up instead of growing them out.
  • When you trim and halve the panel you need to use hog rings or cable ties for joining them.
  • They are used to fold flat for storage.

Twine Pea Trellis:

  • The twine pea trellis is formed using bamboo and garden twine.
  • Using them is super easy and inexpensive to make.
  • It is good to use for flowers such as sweet peas or morning glories or with edible snow peas.

Easy Freestanding Trellis:

  • The easy freestanding outdoor trellis are easy and efficient which is less than $20 for materials.
  • They are built from inexpensive furring strips, glue, and brad nails.
  • You can easily customize the size of the trellis.
  • The wood used is not pressure treated or stained so they can’t last much longer than a year or two.

Pea Trellis:

  • Using a pea outdoor trellis is perfect for growing peas or any vining plant.
  • These trellis are five feet tall you can customize them according to the height.
  • In the case of a slightly sturdier, thicker trellis you can use it 2 in. x 2 in. boards.

Trellis Wall:

  • These are outdoor trellis walls that help to create an interesting visual where it has only a blank wall.
  • These trellis don’t last forever and you can easily remove them while growing annual flowers.

DIY Trellis Planter:

  • Adding DIY outdoor trellis plants adds structure to the patio or porch.
  • Using a prefabricated trellis will make your project go more quickly.

Pallet Cucumber Trellis:

  • Introduce your garden with a pallet cucumber outdoor trellis which is made of wood pallet.
  • You don’t need to have any tools and need to have bailing twine and two posts.

Chevron Lattice Trellis:

  • The chevron lattice outdoor trellis is the best shape for lattice.
  • This will give your garden a slightly modern flair when you spray paint the back of the trellis.

Garden Tools Trellis:

  • The garden tools outdoor trellis doubles as garden art and is fun to use of worn-out garden tools.
  • When there is more weather the sculpture results in increasing its charm.

Modern Trellis:

  • These outdoor trellis are sleek and slim and offer simple, unfussy lines.
  • It is actually a good contrast that helps to raise planters that you can install beneath them.


So after reading the article, you can decide which outdoor trellis suits your garden and goes best with the plant.

Hoping the article was helpful to you.

Becky Decker

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