How to plant Canna Bulbs? – A full guide to planting, growing, and caring for the Canna Bulbs

I wanted to add a new plant that grows in groups with different colors, and I found Canna bulbs. Personally, I prefer the yellow ones. Gosh! They are so beautiful! Trust me, they look absolutely stunning with their vibrant colors in summer. Who wouldn’t love them? But to grow them successfully, you need to know all about their growing and care requirements.

Don’t worry about learning this, as I’ve shared all my experiments that will help you grow them more easily and achieve the best blooms, making your location even more attractive. If you encounter any problems in the future, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Key takeaways:

  • To plant canna bulbs the well-drained soil is suitable.
  • Simply dig out the soil, placing the rhizome into the soil in such a way that the eyes can find their way out of the soil.
  • To grow a plant canna bulb outside you need imply dig a hole that is 5 inches deep, 30cm apart.

How to plant Canna Bulbs? – How do you plant canna lilies to get healthy cannas?

If you want to plant canna bulbs, take a look further!

  • If you are about to plant canna, it is important to choose a spot that is suitable for cannas. The soil should be well-drained, having full sun to partial shade. The container can be used as well with multiple holes for proper drainage.
  • Dig holes in the ground. The rhizome needs to be planted to get cannas plant. Simply dig out the soil, placing the rhizome into the soil in such a way that the eyes can find their way out of the soil. You can keep your eyes facing upwards. Now cover the soil by keeping the depth of one to two inches.

Rhizomes can be planted outdoors after the last frost from the time of last spring to the start of summer. 

How to plant Canna Bulbs using seeds?

Other than this, in many cases, seeds can be used to plant canna lilies. The seeds need to be soaked in water so that the dormancy of the seeds breaks down. They can be sewn into the soil near ending of winter by having a potting mix. 

Although the seeds don’t require many plants as compared to the outgrowths and the grown-up plants. As the seedlings appear, water needs to be provided once or twice a week. Make sure you moisten the area around the roots well. If the temperature is too hot, water them regularly.

How to plant Canna Bulbs inside? 

Plant rhizome in the north if planted indoors. You can plant the rhizome bulbs just a few weeks before the frost or after the last frost. Basically during this time, the soil is warm and can be planted easily.

In the cold areas, you can plant cannas indoors in a container. The leaves are large, almost taking the height of plants. 

How to plant canna bulbs outside

If you just want to plant cannas outside, then first look at the size of the pot you have got. If large then go for planting two of their bulbs of cannas lilies. Simply dig a hole that is 5 inches deep, 30cm apart into the well-fertilized soil having peat moss and some perlite. 

Place the bulbs in holes and put the soil over to cover the bulbs and roots thoroughly. Make sure to provide good water regularly but not in excess. 

Sunlight: The plants want good sunlight for three to four hours a day. They can thrive well in partially shady areas too. They simply love the morning sun rays and afternoon sun. 

Soil: A warm soil works great for the cannas plant. They are slow-growing plants. Canna need a good supply of nutrients. 

How to plant canna lily bulbs

If you’re looking to start growing canna lilies, here is a guide on how to plant them.

  • First, soak the soil in a bucket of water for at least two hours.
  • After soaking the soil, pour out the water and add fresh water.
  • Add one tablespoon of organic fertilizer to each gallon of water.
  • Next, fill a pot one-third full of soil and add the bulb.
  • Make sure the bulb is well covered with soil.
  • Water the pot regularly and wait until the plant has expanded its roots by about an inch before watering again.

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Ways to take care of Canna bulbs

Amount of sunlight: 

The cannas lilies when in full bloom invites a lot of good pollinators to the garden. You will see a lot of hummingbirds near the cannas lily plant. They thrive super well in bright sunlight, which also makes their color vibrant.


You can mulch the soil with ground bark or compost to raise the level of the soil. This will keep the soil moist which is good for cannas. If the soil stays soggy the whole day that can lead to rotting conditions. Choose the size of the pot according to the size of the cannas plant or how mature they are.


You can also mix and plant cannas with other plants. If they are short keep them in front of the sun and if a bit large, keep them beside the other short plant. Both plants must get better sunlight and water.

Wrapping up the context:

Cannas are plants that can be easily grown in pots as well as on the ground. The rhizome of cannas can be used to plant cannas. Other than this you can try stem cutting to grow the plant. We have covered most of the needed information in this article. We hope you have got the answers to your questions. Happy to help!


Do you soak canna bulbs before planting?

To be particular, there is no need to especially soak canna bulbs before planting. When you water the plant properly as you need to water cucumber plants they will grow anyway. But if you want to break dormancy quickly then you can soak them in fish emulsion and water mixture. 

Do cannas come back every year?

Depending on some growing zones, they might come back every year like the arugula. The USDA zone 7-10, makes cannas winter hardy. They grow well in spring and summertime in such zones. 

Do cannas multiply?

The cannas rhizomes multiply just like other rhizomes. But cannas bulbs divide quite quickly. However, growing cannas lilies from rhizomes is considered one of the easy and speedy methods. 

Can you leave cannas in the ground over winter?

In the cold cones, if the canna lilies rhizomes are left in-ground, they might die especially in zone 8. The warm conditions and weather can let it grow as perennial if left in the ground in hardy zones 8 through 10. After which they will bloom back again next year.

Are cannas poisonous to dogs?

The cannas are usually not that poisonous to dogs or pets. Cannas lilies are colorful, your dog might get an urge to take a bite of them. So, don’t worry, cannas lilies will not do any harm.

Why are my canna bulbs not growing?

Many times the canna bulbs don’t seem like growing. They grow at a good pace if they grow perennials. Many times the canna plants get overcrowded due to which they don’t get further space to grow. The pot might be too small, the canna plant is choking others, and low water and nutrient levels can be reasons that your canna bulbs are not growing. 

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