How often to water Aloe Vera? (Most Effective Ways)

How often to water Aloe Vera? Aloe vera is easy to grow, and a drought-tolerant succulent that often gets ignored by gardeners while watering. Many of us forget to create a watering schedule for aloe vera. This plant doesn’t demand much water but whatever it needs a little schedule can really help in keeping out thriving and away from sickness.

Quick takeaways:

  • Aloe vera plants are tropical plants that can tolerate high temperatures too, due to which gardeners can get concerned about the plant getting dried, and overwatering it.
  • Aloe can easily get root rot from the soggy soil.
  • They simply hate too much water in the soil until it’s well-draining soil.

In this article, we will tell you how to water the aloe vera plant appropriately and related information on caring for aloe vera well. But first of all, let’s look at the indications that show the aloe vera plant is not properly watered.

Symptoms of abruptly watered aloe vera plant

Aloe vera plants get really affected when it comes to watering, adequate watering can keep it super thriving and even excess watering can destroy this plant. Aloe vera needing little water can confuse one about how much one should water it. As they can get easily overwatered. Aloe vera plants indicate a mushy stem, darkening of leaves and drooping, and wilting, which means that the plant is overwatered. The soggy soil with mold is another sign that the water is not draining well and the plant might just get overwatered.

The ultimate success in watering lies in the good drainage of the soil. The excess water even if passing freely through the soil will not harm aloe vera plants. But make sure the drainage is not too high which is keeping the aloe vera low drenched and almost dry.

Aloe vera plants being dry can be an equal problem which can be noticed while seeing the soil if it’s looking cracked or dry. If the aloe vera leaves are turning yellow and withered then water the aloe vera plant as soon as possible.

How often to water Aloe Vera? – Watering the indoor aloe vera plants

It is important to consider the season while watering the aloe vera plants, with this the indoor as well outdoor conditions. The aloe vera plants have leaves that can store water. These are fleshy and fulfill the water needs of aloe vera. So are prone to get overwatered by planters. Not your fault! Watering aloe vera is quite tricky work. In dry conditions, the aloe vera still will survive using the stored water for a few days.

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The important thing is to watch the story before watering If it is dry around the roots. Also, water the aloe vera plant one time every two weeks.

In the indoor aloe plant pot if it has drainage holes it’s better to keep checking the top inches of the soil. If the pot size is large then avoid watering the plant more than one time in 14 days. The pot size is another important factor for watering as the large pot can be watered more and small pots get dry faster.

Watering outdoor aloe vera plant

The outdoor aloe vera plants are in direct sunlight so they can get dehydrated more frequently than indoors. The water from leaves will evaporate at a fast pace. The aloe vera outside needs frequent watering but that should be light so that soil stays moist to keep roots hydrated and get going. The root rot should be prevented in any case. So the soil should be checked before watering. Water the plant in the morning time so that the leaves get time to dry. The leaves should not be wet for long in the sun as that can invite fungal infections.

If the pot is large then the plant can be watered one time every week. The large pot should be added with gravel in the base. The soil should be well-draining. Do the finger test by touching the top 2 inches of soil if it is dry or wet. If the soil is dry then water the plant.

In case of rainfall, we suggest drenching the plant in a light rain shower and avoiding watering the aloe vera plant for one to two days.

Watering aloe vera in summer

In the summer season, the aloe vera plants need to be watered every two to three weeks. The aloe vera plants in the summer heat can get dormant as the heat gets too high. Also, check for any sunburnt symptoms. So it is better to look at the soil and let the soil get completely dry. The soil should drain water properly. Aloe vera in summer can easily get musty and moldy due to warm temperatures and moist soil for a long time. Make sure not to underwater the aloe vera plant. 

Watering aloe vera in winter 

Aloe vera in winter should be watered sparingly in the winter season. A temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit is considered harmful for the aloe vera for watering. It is safe to take the aloe vera plant inside the house as the temperature is warm indoors. The soil dont get dry that quickly in the winter time and prolonged soggy soil will cause root rot. Aloe vera needs water one time every three to four weeks in the cold season. The soil should be thoroughly dry in winter before watering. 

How to water aloe vera plants? 

The aloe vera plants need deep watering but overwatering. If the soil is of good quality then the water will easily pass through the soil and reach the roots easily. The soil with perlite or sand can improve the drainage of clayey soil. Using the diluted sweater will prevent the deposition of minerals and salts in the soil. Do the bottom watering if possible as it is the safest and awarding watering method.

Make sure you check the roots before repotting if there is any fungal growth on the roots. Use clean soil otherwise, it can infect the roots too. The pots that you are using should have good drainage holes or create some by using a pencil or warm a gauge wire and make the holes on plastic pots. The terracotta pots are good draining pots. 

Wrapping up the context

Aloe vera plants being drought tolerant have the ability to store water and will like too much-wet soil. The plant still can tolerate dry conditions but doesn’t like wet, humid, and cold conditions that much. The aloe vera plants in summer should be watered one time every two weeks whereas aloe vera in winter should be watered after checking the dryness of the soil.

You can insert the finger about an inch in soil up to the second knuckle. The soil feels dry water the plant otherwise doesn’t water plants at all. We hope you like this article and find our efforts useful. We stay happy to help you guys. Appy growing and caring! 

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