How to grow a Root Beer Plant? – Propagate Mexican Pepperleaf, Medical Uses, and Benefits

Root beer plants used to grow like crazy! Trust me, I’m saying this from experience, but you know, it’s a constant battle to keep them from invading. And during this battle, I also discover they’re edible. Isn’t that interesting?

You know, it wasn’t easy to grow. I delved into all the basic requirements so that it could thrive at its best. If you’re not familiar with what root beer is or how to grow it, don’t worry because I’ll answer that here.

In this explanation, I’ve covered everything regarding Root Beer to help them bloom at their best. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s add more beauty to our garden.

Quick takeaways:

  • Root beer has large leaves which can be used to wrap any food.
  • By planting this plant in your garden, you can feel a good odor all day long in your yard.
  • This plant has various benefits in medicines and kitchens.
  • You can’t miss growing this plant if you ever walk through the nursery as this plant attracts everyone with its fragrance.
  • This herb is used in Mexican food where it is used as wrapping material in sweet dishes.
  • This plant is called numerous names such as Hoja Santa, holy leaf or Mexican pepper leaf, and so on. 
  • It tends to provide a taste of root beer.

We will discuss growing root beer plants in detail in this article. These are the perennials and folks, you should try growing them in your garden to make your garden more lively and elegant. Are you thinking about this fragrant food? Of course, you will.  

“Trees help to purify the air we breathe while adding beauty to our surroundings.”

What is a Root Beer Plant? 

Root beer plants are also known as piper auritum, hoja santa, sacred pepper, Mexican pepper leaf, and so on. What about walking in the garden for peace and relaxation with the amazing fragrance? It will boost your mind.

Root beer is a herb that has a growing capacity of up to 12 feet tall, and the plant is similar to the black pepper plant with a unique flavor within. If you have ever tasted this herb, it will taste like sassafras, and other flavors like mint, licorice, and tarragon are mixed in it.

It consequently will taste like a root beer soda. It belongs to the peppercorn family. The leaves of the plant are large and in bright green color at the top. 

A few characteristics of root beer plant:

  • The plant is a perennial herb.
  • It can rise to a height of 12 feet tall.
  • The leaves of the root beer plant are heart-shaped and large.
  • It needs partial shade for its growth. 

How Is a Root Beer Plant Used? 

You need to know how is the root beer plant used. If you want to know about it, then it’s great that if not, then you should know that it is native to Mexico and has various uses in it.

It tends to produce steamed leaves in the plant that can be used in the wraps in various dishes. Leaves and the chopped form for garnishing in the salads. Also, it is suggested that its leaves come in medicine used for digestion.

Also, you can soak the leaves in the alcohol and then use it on the woman’s breast to increase the production of milk even if it works for asthma and bronchitis. 

How to Grow a Root Beer Plant?

Folks, to grow the root beer plant, you need to buy seeds of the root beer plant from the local stores you can buy them online. It is your choice whether you want to grow them in containers or directly in the garden. Let’s proceed with the steps to learn about the growing process of the root beer plant: 

Step 1- Firstly, you have to sow the seeds indoors for 7-8 weeks so that you can transplant them outdoors.

Step 2- Now, spread over the seeds on the roof. Gently press it.

Step 3- Ensure not to cover them as they need light for germination.

Step 4- You have to keep the moisture of the soil so that it can not get dry.

Step 5- You can apply any sprayer to begin it and water it when the seedlings come over.

Step 6- At last, trim off the plant when it attains an IRS height of 12 feet.

“Trees represent long life, prosperity, patience, respect, gentleness, loyalty, and steadfastness.”

How to grow Root Beer plants in Containers? 

It is well suggested to grow root beer plants in containers as they will develop well especially if you live in our area which is a cool environment. You can move them when the weather becomes cold. 

You can make use of a 10-gallon container if you will not be reporting them after a period. To keep the plants small and repot them more, often, you can grow them in small containers.

It is suggested to repot them after a span of every two years If the plant becomes root-bound. And also prune off all dead and affected leaves from the plant. 

When the weather becomes cool, then you have to put them inside as it overwinters in the indoor garden more. Last, but not least, if you are growing them in a container, then they will grow more fast.

How do you Care for the root beer plant? 

The care of the plant is minimal you just have to follow the caring tips discussed below: 

  • You have to fertilize the plant after every six to seven weeks. Try to add organic fertilizer as it will keep the plant leaves green.
  • No need to overwater these plants though they are fond of water. Water them when they get dry.
  • Make sure to keep the soil moist.
  • When the plant attains its height and becomes leggy, you have to trim it off.  

What are the uses of the Mexican pepper leaf? 

The root beer plant has numerous benefits for medical, and kitchen uses. Let’s know a few of the uses of the root beer plant: 

  • As I mentioned above, the leaves of this plant can be used to wrap over dishes. 
  • It can be used in salads by chopping leaves. 
  • It helps in the digestion of an individual.
  • If the babies feel pain in the abdomen, it can help in curing that.
  • To increase women’s breast milk, you can sip the leaves in the alcohol and use it.
  • It can help an individual in preventing asthma

Common Problems and Solutions for Growing Root Beer Plants

As I already told you in my previous articles every plant suffers from some common problems, but instead of ignoring them, you have to find the solutions for them at the very first. 

So let’s learn about the common problems and also the solutions for growing root beer plants in your home garden. They are as follows:

  • Wind and Hail
  • Slugs and Snail
  • Mealybugs

Let’s throw some light to know about them in more detail: 

Wind and Hail

One of the reasons is the wind and Hail. Strong winds tend to ruin your large shaped leaves and damage the foliage.

So you have to keep them in a location where they will be protected from the winds and the storms. It is because they do not prefer harsh weather for their growth as their foliage gets damaged.

Slugs and Snails

Another reason is the slugs and snails that are every plant problem when it comes to growing a plant and maintaining its growth. 

In the earlier phase, I thought that there was no roaming around, but with time they tend to attack the plant at night because they love root beer plants. 

You can pick them off and throw them. Also, you can sprinkle the organic snail pellets which will not let them eat your plant.


They are another common problem faced by the beer root plants, especially in the time of spring season. 

Though they are little, they give huge damage to the plant by sucking the sap from the plant and then excreting honeydew as a sugary substance in the plant which will attract the ants to the plant. 

So to avoid them, you have to maintain the growth of the plant by not fertilizing them in excess and watering The plant well. Also, you can rub the court and alcohol on the leaves  That will not let them Ruin your plant. 

Wrapping up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the scented plant known as root beer which can be grown easily. Hoja Santa, holy leaf or Mexican pepper leaf, and so on. It has large leaves which can be used to wrap any food as I mentioned above. It tends to provide a taste of root beer.

These are the perennials and folks, you should try growing them in your garden to make your garden more lively and elegant. I hope this article will be helpful for you all. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening! 


1. What is Mexican pepper leaf good for?

The Mexican pepper leaf can be good for various things. It is specially used in treating insect bites, headaches, and so on as it contains safrole. 

2. Can you eat the Mexican pepper leaf?

Mexican pepper leaf can be eaten in different ways. You can eat the leaves chopped in the salad, wrapping the dishes for flavor. 

3. How do you make hoja Santa tea?

When you take this as a tea, it has a unique taste within. 
1. You can make it by using one tablespoon of tea to make one cup of tea. 
2. Add one cup of water and let it gain its nutrients for 30 minutes. 
3. You can enjoy your drink. 

4. Where can I get root beer plant seeds from?

You can get root beer plant seeds from a variety of sources. Some sources sell them as individual packets, while others sell them in bulk. You can also purchase root beer plant seeds online. Be sure to read the reviews before making a purchase.

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