Do Dogwood Trees Smell? Everything You Should Know 

There are more than 50 species of dogwood trees that are available worldwide. Dogwood trees are famous ornamental trees that are grown by various farmers in their home gardens. Hey folks! I’m Anna Scott, a Gardener by heart and Profession, started my Journey 15 years ago and Now I am teaching other gardeners as well to achieve their goals.

The dogwood tree is native to North America, Asia, and Europe. Do Dogwood Trees smell? As it has ornamental features, it produces various pink or white colored blooms in the plant with small red berries that attract everyone. Except for its flowering, it tends to produce a Strong fragrance in the plant.

So it is a key factor to keep in mind before you plant this variety in your home garden. It is because its smell is famous for its bad reputation. But it is not true always. 

So, in this guide, you will come to know if dogwood trees smell or not and everything related to them. So let’s get started to know, do dogwood tree smells in detail.

Do dogwood trees smell bad?

No, there are various varieties of dogwood trees. All the varieties of dogwood trees do not smell bad. Some of the variety presents smell, but some good smells like semen and rotten fish.

All the characteristics like smell, beauty, color, and height, depend on the sunlight, the plant receives. Water, color, nutrient content, etc, the plant is getting from nature.

Do Dogwood Trees Smell? Everything You Should Know 

Dogwood or Cornus is one of the adored varieties. Every farmer might have grown in his home garden. it produces white to yellow colored blooms during the spring season. Other varieties like black fruit cornel blooms in the shade of yellowish green. 

The survival and the smell of the plant depend on the water It is receiving. This plant will broom near the river banks as they cannot survive in semi-arid to arid areas because it requires irrigation. 

It will bloom amazingly in the locations of shade. Various long trees protect the plant from direct sunlight. As mentioned there are various varieties of dogwood trees. But the two famous varieties are as follows: 

White dogwood trees:

  • It is one of the varieties that is known as Callery pear. 
  • It also produces a smell that seems like rotten fish.
  • The smell is strong which is not tolerated by the people.
  • Why this tree is famous it is because it produces red berries.
  • Though the berries are not poisonous, they tend to affect the animal’s stomach. 

Chinese dogwood trees:

  • Chinese dogwood trees are another tree that looks beautiful in your garden.
  • It produces smells like rotten fish and sperm that attract insects harmful to the people. 

Dogwood Tree Care Tips

Below are the caring tips for the dogwood tree to follow. Understand them to maintain this tree in your garden area. They are as follows:

Do Dogwood Trees Smell? Everything You Should Know 


  • It requires full sunlight to grow well, but not for a full day.
  • Most varieties of dogwood trees like to grow in the dappled sunlight.
  • Also, big trees will support the plants by protecting them from the direct rays. 

Soil and Water

  • Dogwood trees need well-drained soil to grow well, which is slightly acidic.
  • They like to remain moist, so do not let the soil become dry for long.
  • Adding mulch to the soil will help in growing the plant during heat and cold.
  • Being a shallow plant, it requires more water, so water plants twice a week.
  • Water the plant deeply until the water flows out from the drainage holes. 
  • Stop the water if you observe the grey-colored leaves or droopy leaves in the plant. 

Temperature and Humidity

  • This plant is cold tolerant and likes to grow in the winter location.
  • They prefer to grow in the cooler to warmer climatic conditions.
  • If it is grown in an arid climatic area, then it requires shade to grow. 
  • Water the plant frequently if it is in hot climatic conditions. 


  • Avoid over-fertilization in the dogwood trees as it damages the growth of the young plants.
  • Make use of nitrogen-based products in the beginning. 
  • When the tree becomes mature, make use of the organic mix, and fertilize, only if the plant is not getting any kind of nutrient. 


  • Pruning is suggested to maintain the healthy shape and size of the plant.
  • Occasional pruning is suggested especially during summer. 

Potting and Repotting

  • This plant will not grow easily in a pot as it has dense and shallow roots that require well-drained soil to grow well.
  • If you have grown it in a pot or container, then it is required to report the plant if the space is less for the plant in the current container.
  • So repot the plant to a container that is 1 to 2 inches bigger than the current one and use fresh soil mix for the plant. 

Pests and Problems

  • Various pests come to the plant like powdery mildew that ruins the foliage by sucking its flute and leaving sticky fluid on the leaves. 
  • It can also develop leave spots on the leaves which is a problem. so treat it by pruning the infected leaves from the plant.
  • You can also make use of any fungicide to prevent various pests from coming to your plant. 
Do Dogwood Trees Smell? Everything You Should Know 

Causes of Smell 

As you know dogwood trees tend to produce a smell in the plant that is unpleasant. It mostly happens when the plant is not happy with the preferred growing climatic conditions.

The main factor of the cause of smell is the water supply. This plant will not grow well in arid or semi-arid areas. it will not grow in the waterlogged soil, as it likes well-drained soil for its growth. The supply of nutrients and sunlight temperature affect the unpleasant smell of the plant. 

The biggest thing that causes a dogwood tree to smell is that you might have grown Bradford pear instead of the dogwood tree.

Various scientists have suspected that Bradford pear tends to cause a toxic smell in the plant, which is caused by a toxin similar to ammonia. The two suspects behind the fishy odor of the Bradford pear are Trimethylamine and dimethylamine. 

How Long Does the Smell Last? 

As you know, the dogwood trees tend to produce a good amount of pollen at the time of flowering, the actual dog tree will produce a pleasant smell in the plant that will be strong. It is an important point to keep in mind if you’re being allergic or sensitive to smell. 

The dog trees are more fragrant when they are in the annual flowering that lasts for about two weeks beginning from the early summer till the mid-summer. Though, two weeks is not a long time as the dogwood trees will last up to 80 years.

If you grow the plant away from the house window, then it will help minimize the unwanted smell at the time of pollination. 

Do Dogwood Trees Smell? Everything You Should Know 

How far away from the house should you plant a dogwood tree?

Keep in mind not to plant the dogwood trees near the house. It is because its roots will damage the structure of the house. Maintain a minimum distance from the house to avoid the damage. 

Whereas small-sized and medium-sized dogwood trees might be planted near the house. But keep a distance of 6 feet between the small-sized dogwood trees and the house. 

On the other hand, mid-sized dogwood trees need 15 feet of distance from the house. If you have decided to grow multiple dogwood trees, then each tree should be away from each other with a distance of 35 feet. Do not try to grow big dogwood trees. Also, water the plant on time and provide shade to the plant. 

Are Dogwood Trees Edible?

One of the varieties of dogwood trees is called Asain kousa dogwoods produces an edible tree that is sweet and tasty. But not all the dogwood trees are edible. All the varieties that share the dogwood name are not good for human ingestion. 

Dogwood has a smoky flavor like oak, so if you enjoy it on the other side, you can use it. As I mentioned a variety of Asian house dogwood, is used in households by various people. it is used in making jelly or fruits or foods which makes it a good growing tree.

Summing up the Context 

In this guide, you learn that the Dogwood tree is native to North America, Asia, and Europe. As it has ornamental features, it produces various pink or white colored blooms in the plant with small red berries that attract everyone. Except for its flowering, it tends to produce a strong fragrance in the plant. 

So it is a key factor to keep in mind before you plant this variety in your home garden. It is because its smell is famous for its bad reputation. But it is not true always. So read the article to know about the odor of the dogwood tree. I hope you understand the guide well. so I will come back with another informative guide very soon till then stay connected with the gardening hood.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


Are dogwood trees fragrant?

Yes, Dogwood trees are fragrant and produce white-colored blooms in the plant. Its red berries look amazing and attract very pollinators to the flowers, such as butterflies and bees.

Are dogwood trees lucky?

Yes, dogwood tree trees bring luck. 

What does dogwood taste like?

Its flash has a taste of sweetness that is the unique blend of mango, pumpkin, etc. 

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