Do Deer eat Hostas? (5+ Ways to keep them away)

Oh, this issue has troubled me in my gardening field. Let me share my frustration. How would you feel when you see your hostas losing their leaves, blossoms, or being half-eaten? It’s disheartening, isn’t it?

You might be wondering who’s responsible for this damage. Well, just like humans, animals also love fresh yields, so now you know. The main question is how to protect hostas from such damage. That’s why we’re here—to ensure you don’t encounter the same problem I faced.

To assist fellow plant lovers, I’ve detailed every possible method to keep deer away from hostas. These are tried and tested methods that helped me save my hosta plants, and they’ll do the same for yours. Let’s not delay any further; let’s learn how to protect our hostas.

Key takeaways:

  • Hostas are one of the favorite plants that can be grown by every gardener.
  • Hostas come in a lot of colors and variants which differentiate this plant from others.
  • It is easy to recognize all its varieties as it is very easy to take care of. Yes, deer love to eat hostas.
  • Deer love hostas and if they find any hosta plant nearby them, then they won’t stop themselves from eating them.
  • Being herbivore animals, they can eat anything they see. They can even eat those plants which are not liked by them. 

Do Deer Eat Hostas?

Hostas are a beautiful addition to any garden and farmers love to grow them in their home gardens. Even deer love hostas and they would taste them for sure as it is one of the favorite plants of deer. If they get hungry, then they leave nothing behind for you and destroy the whole plant by eating it. 

So, unfortunately, deer eat hostas as it is their favorite plant. They can pull this stem and lie on the leaves and eat its flowers, stems, and even the whole plant. So, it becomes impossible for you to protect your plant in front of them. But you need to take steps so that they do not come into your garden. You will come to know about those ways out in this article as you need to protect the vegetation that you have grown with your hard work and efforts. 

Nowadays, some gardeners are facing problems as they are not getting where they are losing their hope. As the hostas are being eaten by the deer. Deer are a gardener’s worst nightmare. They can ruin your garden area and make it ugly. If you live in an area where deer are abundant, then you should give one thought before planting hostas.

If then also, want to grow hostas in your home garden, then you have to prepare yourself for any kind of mishap that takes place with your hostas. 

5+ Ways to Keep deer Away from the hostas 

Gardening is a favorite hobby of any person. A gardener makes sure that he preserves his vegetation and gets its long-lasting effect. But some of the animals are there who tried to destroy the vegetation. So, let’s know the ways that can help you in keeping deer away from your garden area:

1. Make use of a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Being a notorious animal, deer have the habit of eating the plants they like. They won’t think about the location then. They will eat the vegetation likewise. But they can get scared by the loud noises and if they feel a lot of movement happening around them. So, it is great to use a motion-activated sprinkler as it will let them get confused and they might leave your area. 

2. You should Scare the deer

As mentioned, deer can get scared easily if they hear any loud noise near them. You can make use of a dog who used to bark every time. This will scare the deer as he doesn’t like the loud barking of the animals. So, it would be great for you to keep them away by scaring them. 

3. Why not use a visual deterrent?

Guys, another method that can be used by you for saving your hostas is to hang the aluminum plates around your trees that are getting harmed. When the wind blows, the pallets will shake and their sound will scare the deer as they might think to leave your garden. 

4. What about soap in Nylon Stockings?

You can use nylon stockings to keep the deer away from your hostas. You might be thinking how? You have to take Irish spring soap and then put it in the nylon stockings. You can hang it around your plant where deer come most of the time. It will make them irritated as they will feel the scent around them and won’t like them. So, they will not come again to your area. 

5. Scarecrow

To keep the deer out of your garden, you need to take a few steps so that they do not come into your garden and spoil your vegetation. One of the easiest ways is to make use of a scarecrow. You can make any fake predator and use it to scare the deer so that they do not eat the hostas and become nervous.  

Concluding lines

Does this guide revolve around the discussion in which you come to know do deer eat the hostas? And if yes, then what are the tips for them that will help them protect their vegetation? Hostas are one of those plants that are not only loved by humans but are a favorite plant for some animals too. One of those anime is Deer. 

Deer love hostas and if they find any hosta plant nearby them, then they won’t stop themselves from eating them. Though deer are peaceful and good-looking, they can no doubt destroy your vegetation by eating them. Being herbivore animals, they can eat anything they see. They can even eat those plants which are not liked by them. Read the whole article so that you can succeed in protecting your hostas from the deer. 


1. Do deer repellents keep deer away?

Yes, deer repellents can protect your vegetation from the deer who eat them. The smell and taste of the repellent make the deer nervous and they do not eat the plants after that and even do not enter the garden area. The foul smell is not liked by the deer.  

2. Does Milorganite keep deer away from plants?

Milorganite is one of those organic fertilizers that can help you to keep the animal away from your garden. It is a very effective method to use so that deer do not come to your garden again as it has an odor that is not liked by the deer. 

3. How do you protect hostas from deer and pests?

You can protect your hostas from the deer and pests by either using a liquid repellent by spraying it around the garden area and even you can save your hostas by producing any foul smell that is not liked by the animals. 

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