Top 7 Carrot Varieties for Containers (and Where to get Seeds?)

Carrots in containers? Yes! it’s possible, as we bring some of the best Carrot Varieties for Containers. Carrots are simply great! From their bright color to the deliciousness they bring to the dishes or even eaten raw, they are popular and everyone’s favorite though exceptions are always there. Anyhow you might be aware that you don’t need long rows or big space in the garden to grow carrots. Carrots can work well in containers too. Later in this article, you will find the guide to growing carrots in containers. But can all carrots be grown in containers? The answer is no! There are some varieties that grow perfectly well in the containers. Let’s see what those varieties are.

Key takeaways:

  • Yes, there are some top varieties that can be grown perfectly well in the containers.
  • Some top varieties of carrots that you can grow in the containers are Red-cored chantey carrot, Scarlett Nantes carrot, Short ‘n’ sweet carrots, Parisian carrot, Solar yellow carrot, etc.

7 Carrot Varieties for Containers

The carrot varieties that you choose to grow in containers should be the ones that don’t grow that much tall. Growing veggies in containers is a great way to have more carrot varieties in case you have less space.

1. Parisian carrot

Parisian carrots are best grown in heavy soils and are round-shaped carrots of about size 1 to 2 inches. These carrots are orange-red colored and are French heirloom varieties. They need loose clayey or rocky soil in a ‘pot’ that is about 5-6 inches. They will also grow well in shallow pots but make sure they are not that small. Parisian carrots have a sweet flavor and look like small-sized radishes. The carrots have a diameter of 2-5 cm and are always in shape which is round and curved. The Parisian carrots need 2-3 months to mature. 

Where to buy Parisian tomato seeds? 


In Canada: OSC SEEDS

2. Red-cored chantenay carrot

These carrots have a tapered end like most of the carrots in the market but they are a little short and thicker varieties about 5-6 inches. The carrots are orange-colored with a reddish-orange core, plus the thick green roots are edible. The shoulders are wide. These carrots are great for canning and freezing in a home kitchen with the flavors all intact. Red-colored chantenay carrots like heavy soil and get martyred in 2-21/2 months. The carrots can be grown in a pot that is about 10 inches deep. 

Where to buy Red cored chantenay carrot seeds?


In Canada: McKenzie Seeds

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3. Scarlett nantes carrot

These carrots are also popularly known as early coreless carrots as they dont have a core or just a little and give a crunchy crisp flavor full of sweetness. These carrots have fine textures and can be eaten when they are small-sized and not fully matured. The carrots are deep orange in color with cylindrical roots and are sized about 6 to 7 inches.  The taproot is tender and crispy with a lot of flavors. These carrots are used for making pickles, and freezing and are easy to slice. These easy-to-care carrots. They mature about 62-70 days and will need a pot of 10 inches. The small pot can also work if you are up to harvesting baby carrots. 

Where to buy Scarlett Nantes carrot seeds? 



4. Oxheart carrots

The oxheart carrots are known for their popular heart-shaped and stouty having one end tapering. The carrots are of size 5-6 inches and are also called for carrots due to their thickness. This made them ideal to grow in heavy soil. The carrots like full sun and need 80-90 days to get mature. The carrots have a sweet flavor, full of vitamins, and have antioxidants. The oxheart carrots are chantenay type and are produced by open pollination.

In case you are assuming what should be the depth of the container to grow such carrots then we recommend using a 9 inches deep pot.

Where to buy seeds?



5. Short ‘n’ sweet carrots

If you are up to growing the carrots in tiny or smaller-sized pots then go for Short ‘n’ Sweet carrots. They are sweet-flavored carrots and can grow in low-maintenance soil. Even many gardeners have seen successful results in large pots too. The short n sweet carrots are perfectly grown in a raised bed as well. They are also chantenay type. These carrots mature in 68 days. The carrots are of size 3-4 inches. They need a pot of about 8 inches in depth. The carrots are attractive with their triangular roots and have a treat taste.

Where to buy seeds?



6. Little finger carrot

The little finger carrot is a beautiful golden orange colored carrot, that is Nantes type having a cylindrical shape with tapered ends. These carrots have a tender soft center part and a very sweet flavor. Being finger sized, they can be grown in containers easily. These carrots need 50-65 days to mature. The carrots get to the size of 3-4 inches. The little finger carrots need a container that is 8 inches deep. The taproots are thick and long. These carrots have small cores and smooth surfaces. 

What to buy seeds? 



7. Solar yellow carrot

The solar yellow carrots are sunkissed colored carrots that are rich in flavor, sweet, and crunchy. These carrot flavors become more intense with the frost and are super juicy. The carrots have about 6-7 inches of roots. The carrots mature in 65-75 days. 

Where to buy seeds? 



How to grow carrots in the container?

Growing carrots like growing bigger radishes in a container need carrots that are not too big in size. The small-sized carrots are grown mostly in containers. It’s a great way to have large varieties in a small space. Growing the carrots in a container needs little care just like Philodendron Paraiso Verde. So what do carrots actually need while growing in the container? 

Carrots like to grow in moist soil that is not wet. The water should easily pass through the soil. Check the soil top one inch with a finger if it is dry or wet, then decide whether to water it or not. The soil should be fertile for carrot plants. You can add liquid fertilizer to the soil once every three to four weeks. The carrots get increased top growth if the nitrogen level is high, and the roots stay small. We don’t want this. Keep the nitrogen level optimum in the soil. Avoid giving the carrots direct sunlight which can make most of the carrots bitter and dull. 

Wrapping up the context

We hope you like the information in this article and find it helpful. Among the 7 varieties, which one would you like to go for? Tell us in the comment sections. Though the above-mentioned varieties are all great options to grow in containers. But whatever suits your needs you should choose only that. Happy panting! 

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