Can Sunflowers be Transplanted? (Full Guide)

Can Sunflowers be Transplanted? Let us know more. Sunflowers are one of the best plants that make the garden attractive. Have you grown them in your home garden? If yes then you are going great. Being a bright plant, it tends to grow great everywhere. All they need is the right amount of sunlight for their growth. It will cherish you with its blossoms that grow all along in the summertime. Being a heat-tolerant plant, they tend to attract birds, microgreens, and pests on them. 

Key takeaways:

  • Sunflowers are known for their making of cut flowers that look amazing.
  • They develop big blooms that come in various shades of yellow, red, orange, and many more.
  • They are one of the easy-growing plants that have become very popular for a long time due to their benefits and appearance.

They are native to the American plants. Even though they are used in various things like oil, serums, skincare, etc. people use the cooking oil of these flowers which is one of the popular oils. The seeds of the sunflower even get used in the making of some yummy dishes. If you have an empty balcony, then by planting sunflowers there you can make it attractive and happening. What else do you need? Now the question comes if they can be transplanted or not. Read below to know if you can transplant the sunflowers. 

Let’s get started. 

About sunflowers 

Sunflowers are one the plants that look like daisy flowers and look attractive in your home garden. The origin of its name came from the Greek words Helios and Anthos which mean sun and flower respectively. That is why it is named the sunflower. You will observe that there are numerous varieties of sunflowers and even they come in different shades such as yellow, brown, orange, red, etc. 

Sunflowers tend to follow the sun’s direction as they are heliotropic plants. It will happen at the starting days of the growth of the plant. So choose the variety that provides you with benefits and plant them in your garden to enjoy its benefits. 

Can Sunflowers be Transplanted?

Are you also confused about whether to transplant your sunflowers or not? As you know when the plants attain a mature size they become large and it is not suggested to move those plants. Sunflowers tend to grow large when they attain mature size. So, if you try to transplant them then the roots are in danger as they can get harmed. 

Active growth of the roots does not let the plant move from its place. But yes, if you want to transplant them when they are young, then you can do so. Transplanting the seedlings of the sunflower will suit best in comparison with the fully grown plants. 

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How to transplant sunflowers? 

Transplanting the plant is the process in which you replant them by changing their place. Keep in mind not to hurt the plant. Transplanting sunflowers is an easy process. Even easier with the help of this guide. All you need is to follow the below steps: 

Step 1- First, you have to make a circle around every plant so that it becomes easy to reach the roots.

Step 2- Now is the time to take out the seedlings from the pot which hurts the plant. 

Step 3- Keep in mind not to grow the plant too long as it would not be possible for the plant to transplant. 

Step 4- You have chosen a new place for your sunflowers and made a hole in it about 10 inches deep. 

Step 5- Now place the sunflower in the holes and if there are more then you can dig more holes. 

Step 6- Cover the holes with soil after putting the sunflowers in. Even a layer of mulch will add great value to it.

Step 7- Plant them in an area that receives plenty of sunlight and water the plants on time as they are transplanted now so maintaining them becomes more important. 

Where can you transplant the sunflowers? 

Transplanting sunflowers in the right place is essential as it will help the plant to grow at its best. Sunflowers tend to thrive in a location where there is plenty of sunlight for about 6-7 hours a day. 

If there is any area in your home garden where the sunlight strikes for more than this period, then that place is best for your sunflowers. 

When the sunflowers attain their maturity when they need less sunlight, they can even thrive in shade areas. 

Tips for transplanting the sunflowers

Below are the tips that will help you in transplanting the sunflowers:

Sunlight needs

One of the foremost things to keep in mind is to feed your sunflowers with a good amount of sunlight. They will grow well if you place them in an area with direct sunlight. 

Even in its starting stage, it needs more sunlight to grow stronger. They will follow the directions of the sunlight and if they are not in direct sunlight, then they will bend with it and will harm the stem with time. 

Watering needs

Water is a vital source through which everyone survives. Are your plants getting sufficient water to grow well? Sunflowers have tolerant plants which makes them take in more water. It is suggested to water your sunflowers about 3-4 times a week. 

You need to keep the soil moist. Do not overwater the plant as it can harm its growth. You have to feed them 2 gallons of water weekly to thrive well. Keep misting your plants to keep them hydrated all the time and generate more results from them.

Provide support if needed

The next thing to follow is to provide those varieties of sunflowers that are dwarf as they need that to grow. 

You have to keep the head of the flower straight as without support, it can bend. So make use of the stake so that the sunflowers grow healthy. 

Fertilizer needs

Last but not least, sunflowers too need to be fertilized to grow well and at a faster pace. 

You can make use of liquid fertilizer that is used for the plants as it will help the plant to grow vigorously. Make sure you are not over-fertilizing your plant as it will harm the growth of the plant by making it weak. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Sunflowers are known for cutting flowers that look amazing. Even they develop big blooms that come in various shades of yellow, red, orange, and many more. You will find peace and happiness whenever you sit near this plant. They are one of the easy-growing plants that have become very popular for a long time due to their benefits and appearance. They are native to the American plants. 

They are even used in various things like oil, serums, skincare, etc. People use the cooking oil of these flowers which is one of the popular oils. The seeds of the sunflower even get used in the making of some yummy dishes.


Do plants go into shock after transplanting? 

Yes, plants can be transplanted but sometimes they can get in shock. As the roots of the plant get harmed at the time of transplanting.

How deep do sunflower roots need? 

Sunflowers’ roots will need 4 feet of the surface below the soil level to thrive well.  

What flowers only bloom at night? 

Numerous flowers bloom at night. Some of them are datura, Evening primrose, Night phlox, Moonflower, etc. 

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