Can Lettuce grow in Partial Shade? (Everything you need to know!)

Can Lettuce grow in Partial Shade? If your lettuce plant is not getting good sunlight in the garden and you are worrying if it grows in partial shade, then here is the answer! Yes, lettuce plants can grow in partial shade spots. They actually don’t need that much direct sunlight. During the winter days, lettuce needs good sunlight and an almost equal rate of shade.

Quick takeaways:

  • The sunlight is filtered and falls on lettuce the whole day will still make them grow healthy.
  • The partial shade is highly recommended for growing lettuce plants in the summer heat.
  • The lettuce needs sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours a day to grow.
  • Make sure they get continuous exposure to grow light for 10-12 hours a day.

What is a partial shade spot?

A partial shade area doesn’t get enough sunlight in a day. The spot will receive sunlight for only a few hours like 3 to 6 hours a day. That sunlight should be direct and the other hours they stay shaded. Another scenario can be that the spot will receive full-day sunlight but indirect sunlight. This indirect sunlight is filtered. Either the plant has been placed a distance from a sun-facing window or the sunlight passes through curtains or some sheets as filtered light and is not that strong.

How much light do lettuce plants need?

The lettuce plants need to get sunlight at least 5 to 6 hours a day that can be direct and for the other time, they need shade to grow happily. These plants in the wintertime need more sunlight in the summer season. The summer heat makes the lettuce plant form flower buds which are called Bolting. The lettuce plants will also grow in artificial light so you need to worry about sunlight.

They need filtered sunlight if there is no direct sunlight. The indirect sunlight should reach the plant well and maximum time of the day. Even though they are growing partial shade they will still thrive well, especially in hot temperatures.

Can Lettuce grow in Partial Shade?

Lettuce plants grow well in cool calm conditions, too much heat can make them bolt or alter their taste. The lettuce plants thrive well in shady areas. On a sunny day, the lettuce will be happy in the partially shady area getting indirect sun rays. The summer season highly affects the lettuce plants so it’s important that you place them in partial shade during this time to prevent bolting.

What happens when lettuce gets too much light? 

Lettuce plants getting too much sunlight means getting full fun. Though a good amount of sunlight helps lettuce in getting bushy and full but too much sunlight will dry the lettuce leaves and affect their color of leaves. The lettuce if it gets more than 6 hours of the full sun will bolt with time. 

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Things to know while growing lettuce in partial shade

The lettuce plants can get attacked by pests that can make them weak. Pests suck on the sap of the lettuce plants, leaving the leaves all weak. The plant under stress has a high chance of bolting as well. Make sure the lettuce doesn’t have any pests on the leaves.

Use soil that is not moldy and completely clean with a high content of nutrients. The soil should be well draining and moist but not soggy.

In the partial shade area, the water doesn’t evaporate that quickly and the soil stays moist for a long time. So make sure that you first check the top inch of the soil if it is dry or wet. If it’s wet then avoid watering and let the soil get dry.

Benefits of growing lettuce in partial shade 

In summer keeping the lettuce plants in the shade will keep the lettuce plants away from the string intensity of light. 

Keeping them in partial shade will make you worry less. The plant will have low chances of getting bolted and the partial shade does not mean the sunlight is completely cut off. The indirect sunlight should be reaching the lettuce plants. 

The harvesting period will be extended which means you will get multiple series of harvesting in that partial shade as the bolting is delayed. 

How to grow lettuce providing them partial shade? 

Provide the shade of taller plants. In case there is such a spot in the garden where the lettuce will get the partial shade you can plant the lettuce plants next to the taller plants. The spot where the plants will get the morning sunlight and in the peak hours they get sade as well. 

You can also put some tall objects like a trellis in front of lettuce plants when there is full sun or in the afternoon sun. The benefit of using a trellis is that the soil is moist for a long time, you simply need to move the trellis next to lettuce plants and provide shade anytime you want. 

Plan the lettuce near the wall or fence so that they don’t get continuous exposure to the sunlight that is direct. 

Final thoughts on the context

We hope you like this article and find it useful. Lettuce plants just like their leafy vegetables need sunlight but still can thrive in partial shade. As a matter of fact, considering the season is really important. The summertime dries up the leaves really quickly. The lettuce plant will need to be moved to the spot of partial shade this time. It is good if you plant them in a spot so that you can move them anytime you want. 


What vegetables do better in partial shade? 

Vegetables like beets, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, corn salad, peas, potatoes, chard, celery, kale, kohlrabi, carrots, and mustard can easily be grown in partial shade. They will thrive in indirect light and indoors as well. 

Where does lettuce grow best? 

If the soil is cool, loose, and has good drainage then the lettuce plants will grow best. Adding compost improves the soil draining capacity and makes it nourished for the lettuce plants. 

What is the best shade cloth for lettuce? 

The cloth sheet that is about 30% colored is effective in providing shade to lettuce plants. The black cloth 30%, white 40%, red 30%, and silver 30% cloth are proven great to give the plant shade and reduce the bitterness of lettuce. 

What type of lettuce is easiest to grow? 

Loose leaf lettuce is the easiest type to grow that takes little time to mature like about 40 to 50 days than other lettuce varieties

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