Can I grow Bell Peppers from their Seeds? (Easy Successful Tips)

Can I grow Bell Peppers from their Seeds? Hey folks! Ever tried to grow bell peppers in your home garden? If not, start doing so as it is one of the famous species of the nightshade family. It can be used in its raw form and even in cooking. Bell peppers tend to grow in warm locations. So, what are you waiting for? You can grow the amazing and delicious variety in your home garden with the help of this guide.

Quick takeaways:

  • Bell peppers give a savory taste to your dishes and can be grown easily in your home garden.
  • Being a gardener, it is your efforts, patience, and activeness for growing any plant in the garden.
  • Growing bell peppers is easy via seeds. But people get confused about whether to grow them with the help of seeds or not. and when to pick them.

Are you worried about where to begin? No worries this guide will help you out!

You can purchase the seeds either from the market or you can even make use of old saved seeds for growing bell peppers in your home garden. So, let’s get started to know more about the below pepper and even some of the best caring tips for the plant to grow healthy just like the tips to plant Queen of the Night Cactus

Can I grow bell peppers from their seeds?

Yes, you can grow bell peppers by using their seeds. Seeds can be purchased from the market or even if you have already planted them before, then you can save the seeds so that you can save them for growing the plant next year. Now here comes the question of whether to use fresh seeds or old seeds. 

People always get confused in this instance as they do not know what to do. So, no need to worry you can use both ways either by saving the old seeds or buying the new seeds from the market. 

There is no need to dry like Cayenne Peppers the seeds before planting them. Directly planting the seeds in the soil would be great for you. New seeds do not need to be dried but on the other side, the old saved seeds need to be dry so that the plant grows healthy and does not become moldy. 

You can dry the seeds on a paper towel for some days and make sure they are in a sunny spot where they do not receive sunlight. You can store the pepper seeds for more than 2 years and then use them later. What else do you need? Grab the seeds and plant peppers in your home to harden so that you enjoy their benefits. 

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How to grow peppers from seeds? 

One of the easy ways to grow peppers is via its seeds. Have you tried this method before? If not, then follow the below steps: 


  • Water
  • Seeds
  • Potting mix
  • Seedling tray


Step 1– First, you have to take the seed tray and fill the potting mix or the seed starting soil in it.

Step 2– Then, put the seeds in the potting mix and choose the results you want from the plant.

Step 3– Make sure you are giving space between planting seeds in the soil and putting it deeper in the soil about ½ inches so that it merges in the soil fully. 

Step 4– Optional, You can even put the seeds simply on the soil and then press it down with your hands gently. But first making holes is great. 

Step 5– Now you have to cover the sown seeds in the tray, filling it with more soil.  Seeds need to come in direct contact with the soil for their healthy growth. 

Step 6– You have to give water to your plant but do not overwater the plant as it is not liked by the peppers for their growth. 

Step 7– Then, keep the lid on the tray to cover it as it will keep the soil moist.

Step 8– Now, you have to wait until the seeds germinate by putting them in any warmer location so that they grow well. 

Some of the easy successful tips for peppers 

As you know peppers tend to grow healthy if you feed them with a good amount of nutrients. But due to the lack of time, you fail to fulfill their basic needs. So follow the below easy caring tips for your peppers to grow. It won’t take much time to do. So, keep an eye on your plant to get healthy results in return: 

Water your plants

One of the foremost things to keep in mind is to water your plants on time. Make sure you are not hurting your plant by spraying the water with a high-pressure setting.

You have to feed your plants water, especially at the time of summer. You have to provide them with water 1-2 times a week so that they thrive well. 

When the soil becomes dry, then you can water them. Do you do overwatering in the plant as it can cause root rot in the plant which will restrict the growth of the plant? 


Some of the pests tend to spoil the vegetation but you need to keep an eye on them so that you save your peppers from them. 

Aphids, ants, and mites roam around the plant so that they gain beneficial nutrients from the plant which makes the plant weak. 

So, what are you gonna do next? You have to make use of insecticides to control the pests on your peppers. 


Sunlight is required by the peppers so that they grow healthy. 

Feed them with plenty of full sun and place them in any sunny location so that they grow well. 


What about the fertilizer requirements of the peppers? Peppers don’t need a large amount of fertilizer for their growth. 

They can survive on a low amount of nitrogen fertilizer so that it does not affect the growth of the plant and its fruits. 


You can even make use of mulch for your paper so that the plant gives you desired results. 

You can make use of black plastic mulch. This plant has delicate roots so make sure you are not hurting it by feeding the mulch in excess. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Bell peppers give a savory taste to your dishes and can be grown easily in your home garden. Being a gardener, it is your efforts, patience, and activeness for growing any plant in the garden. Growing bell peppers is easy via seeds. But people get confused about whether to grow them with the help of seeds or not. You can purchase the seeds either from the market or you can even make use of old saved seeds for growing bell peppers in your home garden. Read the whole guide so that you understand the growth of bell peppers from seeds properly. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


How long does it take to grow a bell pepper from seed?

Bell peppers take about 60 days to 90 days so that they start growing from the seeds. 

Should you soak pepper seeds before planting?

No, there is no need to soak the pepper seeds before planting them. 

Will pepper seeds germinate in water?

Pepper seeds germinate best in the soil as they like to be moist but germinating them in the water will harm the paint only and it will not be able to grow. 

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