Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden

Want to add more color to your garden here I am Becky Decker with a unique color and flower. Blue roses cannot exist in nature but by rose breeding, it is possible to grow blue roses. In this article, you will get to know about different types of blue roses that you can add to your garden.

Quick takeaways

  • The concept of blue roses is supernatural like ghosts or spirits in this world.
  • Blue roses have been associated with rarity and unattainability as it is something impossible to achieve. 
  • In other words, this blue rose also symbolizes sadness or melancholy.

Let’s begin it.

Blue roses

Blue roses look very beautiful when they are grown in the garden as the blue color looks very different and elegant when it blooms in the garden and it gives a very refreshing feel.

Rose typically has a range of pink, red, white, and yellow colors. Still, the blue color is not for roses naturally so whatever blue roses we see these roses are either dyed or genetically modified to achieve this unique color.

Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden

Blue roses are one of the most unique flowers in the world. Even these flowers attract people from centuries ago. There are different varieties of blue Roses and they look very beautiful and look very fascinating to our eye.

10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden

Here are some different varieties of blue roses that look very different from each other and each of them has its specifications and looks very attractive when they bloom but this color is quite different from other flowers and that’s why these roses are very unique. So here are some different blue Rose’s some of them are as follows:- 

  • Blue for you Rose.
  • Blue color rose.
  • Blueberry Hill rose.
  • The blue moon rose.
  • Blue Nile rose.
  • Carding mill rose.
  • Rainy rose.
  • Sunnytory blue rose
  • Rhapsody in blue.
  • Shocking blue.
  • Blue River
  • Ebb tide.


Blue Roses
  • The botanical name of this flower is Rose Blue for you.
  • this blue rose is not a true blue it adds a color and flavor to the garden as most of the blue roses are like this blue rose but it is more purplish blue in color. 


  • The botanical name of this flower is Blue Girl Rose.
  • the blue girl rose is another variety of the blue rose but in actuality, it is lavender in color.
  • This flower is very delicate and has a very soft and romantic feel and that’s why it is quite popular in weddings and other occasions. 
Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden


Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden
  • The botanical name of this flower is Rosa ‘Wekcryplag’.
  • It is a stunning hybrid tea rose with a purple-blue color that resembles the skin of the blueberry. 
  • This flower is well known for its fragrance and long stems.
  • it is one of the most beautiful flowers among all of them.


  • The botanical name of this flower is Rosa ‘Blue Moon’. 
  • One of the varieties of this blue rose is the blue moon rose.
  • These blue roses have a pale, silvery blue color.
  • these flowers are used in weddings or in bouquets.
  • it is a hybrid rose that is large and has lots of fragrance when it blooms.
Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden


Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden
  • The botanical name of this flower is  Rosa ‘Blue Nile’. 
  • This is another variety of the blue rose that looks very elegant and beautiful when it blooms. 
  • The name Blue Nile is derived from the famous river in Africa which is well known for its striking blue color.


  • The botanical name of this flower is Rose Carding Mill.
  • it is the next variety of the blue rose. 
  • This flower is very soft and has a delicate blue color that looks very elegant and beautiful.
  • it is a shrub rose that is well known for its fragrance but earns a lot of spots on the blue rose.
Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden


Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden
  • The botanical name of this flower is rose rainy blue.
  • It is a stunning variety as this rainy blue flower has white lavender blooms with fragrance and flushes throughout the season.


  • The botanical name of  Rhapsody in Blue is rosa rhapsody in Blue.
  • It is a modern shrub with a deep purple-blue color. 
  • It has a unique color with lots of fragrance that makes it the best choice for landscaping and as a cut flower. 
  • This blue roses flower is pure for love and a heart feeling of passion and romance. 
Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden


Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden
  • The botanical name of the shocking blue is rosa shocking blue.
  • it has different varieties as it is a stunning rose variety with some purple-blue petals that catch our eyes.
  • it is a tea hybrid rose that has a long stem.
  • These blue roses have a strong fragrance that makes this flower very famous.


  • The botanical name of this flower is Rosa Applause. 
  • these blue roses flower is a stunning blueish rose variety that has been developed by using traditional breeding methods. 
  • It has a deep rich color and a strong fragrance that makes this flower a good choice for the garden. 
  • The name applause is a nod to the rose that has its own popularity and beauty and it is sure to receive applause whenever it is seen. 
  • This flower is very unique and beautiful and looks very attractive when it blooms.


Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden
  • The botanical name of the Blue River is Rosa Blue River. 
  • It has lilac in its center with magenta edges and it has charms.
  • this flower has delicate petals that create a soothing atmosphere in the garden. 
  • This flower has large and huge fragrances.
  • This flower has upto 30 to 40 petals in each flower.


  • The botanical name of this flower is Rosa Ebb tide. 
  • This flower has a delicate fragrance and it is a very unique and delicate variety of rose that has shades of lavender and deep purple.
  • its appearance makes this flower very elegant and beautiful.
Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden

Lavender Lassie Rose:

Blue Roses: 10+ Blue Roses for Your Garden
  • They are blue roses that have delicate and charming rose blooms in lavender-pink flowers.
  • They come under one of the most mesmerizing blue rose varieties.
  • The plant does grow upto the height of 5 feet tall and is 8 feet wide.
  • They consist of soft feminine petals that have delightful scents that add a touch of elegance to your garden and for making bouquets.

Give Blue Roses as Gifts:

Romantic Occasions:

  • The blue color is actually a sign of love, trust, and fidelity.
  • You can use the blue rose for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries.
  • The rose can best be used to express their feelings for them.
  • Giving blue roses makes a lasting impression on your loved one.


  • You can use the blue rose for a friend, family member, or other gift on their birthdays.
  • It will be presented as you care for them and giving them flowers will make their day special.
  • The brightening color of the blue rose will add brightness to their birthday celebration.


  • You can use them in the time to celebrate your graduation and accomplishments and give them for their hard work.
  • The blue color actually does resemble wisdom, knowledge, and success so choosing them to give to a person who has entered for graduation from school or completed their graduation.

Get Well Soon: 

  • You can use blue roses for a person who is not feeling good as it will be the symbol for brightening up their day and making them feel better.
  • They do represent calmness and healing.
  • Showing them blue roses will make them feel extra comfort and care. 


The blue roses are a variety that you can’t find in the local nursery store. Not all the blue roses are blue. They are also a chance that a white rose has been artificially colored as blue.


What color rose is the rarest color?

The blue color rose is considered the rarest color rose having the price highest of all roses.

What does the blue rose symbolize?

 It does symbolize rarity, mystery, and uniqueness. it is also used for spiritual healing in many different cultures.

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