7 Best Small Trees with Non Invasive Roots (Evergreen & Attractive)

For your dreamy garden here we bring some of the Best Small Trees with Non Invasive Roots. You want to plant a tree but the issue is that the trees take up a lot of space outdoors. Though they give good shade and a pretty look in the garden, the main problem is their roots. The roots of trees get to great distances and interfere with the other plants.

The problem bothers the gardeners in the house garden. What could be the tress option then? We suggest looking for small trees that have short roots so that they don’t invade the space of other plants. These trees will still grow well with short roots naturally. Some of the Best Small Trees with Non Invasive Roots are Adams crabapple, American hornbeam, Juniper, and many more explained below.

These trees with short roots are perfect for gardens where the water level is not much high and the short shallow roots help them to get water moisture and air by the surface roots. Don’t worry, the trees we will recommend to you will still be beautiful with a non-invasive root system. So let’s get started. 

Why choose non-invasive roots? 

The invasive roots not just affect the root system of nearby plants but also affect the solid structure like sideways, borders, etc. the invasive roots also create cracks in the land that should be cracked. The invasive roots have more tendency to spread horizontally while the non-invasive roots don’t spread much.

The invasive roots are just like poking roots that poke and create disturbance in surrounding plants. The roots move to the spot wherever the moisture is, and the concrete structure also has moisture stored below the surfaces where the roots start to reach and grow further.

The trees growing near the house also harm the concrete structure not just of the house, but walkways, etc. it’s better to get a tree with non invasive roots but what plants to go for? Take a look further! 

7 Best Small Trees with Non Invasive Roots

1. English holly tree 

7 Best Small Trees with Non Invasive Roots (Evergreen & Attractive)
  • Scientific name: Ilex aquifolium
  • Common name: common holly, holly, English holly, European holly, Christmas holly
  • Family: Aquifoliaceae
  • Height: 10 meters, are also present in small heights 2-3 meters
  • The English holly trees are evergreen trees with glossy prickly trees, popularly known as Christmas holly.
  • They are great ornamental plants and their leaves are spiny at the edges but still are very attractive with the combination of fruits that appear in the female plants. Usually, these trees have flowers that are white colored.
  • The fruits are not eaten by humans as they are considered toxic but are enjoyed by many herbivores during November month when they get soft and juicy
  • The roots are non-invasive and don’t affect the sidewalks, walls, etc.

2. Adams crabapple

  • Scientific name: Malus ‘Adams Crabapple’
  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Height: 15-20 inches tall
  • Adams crabapple is an attractive-looking flowering tree with non-invasive roots that don’t spread horizontally that much.
  • The tree loves the full sunlight and yields beautiful red to pink colored flowers during the spring season. These are my personal favorite for a dreamy look in the garden.
  • They grow at a fast pace and need well-drained loamy soil. The trees are also seen as having blood-red pulp.

3. Juniper

  • Scientific name: Juniperus sp.
  • Family: Cupressaceae
  • Height: vary in size and height
  • The juniper has about 50-60 varieties. The trees are low-spreading and evergreen with needle-like leaves.
  • The trees rarely give berries but in some species, brown-colored berries are produced. The flowers are seen in the autumn season.

4. Amur maple

  • Scientific name: Acer ginnala
  • Family: Sapindaceae
  • Height: 3-10 feet
  • The amur maple plants though have woody stems but a colored crown. They are also grown in gardens that have showy deciduous leaves. These leaves change their color to orange during the fall season.
  • The flowers are yellow-greenish in color. The fruits are reddish colored and appear in the summertime.
  • They are great ornamental trees and love moist drained loamy soil. These are non-invasive plants and have non-invasive roots.

5. American hornbeam

  • Scientific name: Carpinus caroliniana
  • Family: Betulaceae
  • Height: 10-15 meters
  • These trees are known for their fluted and crooked-shaped trunks. The leaves are textured with prominent-looking veins.
  • The fruits on the trees start to appear in the fall season.
  • The leaves of the American hornbeam have ovate round leaves about 2-4 inches long. The flowers are without the petals and more like a staminate form. They have a non-invasive growing ability with the wood that is often used to make tools.

6. Chinese pistache

  • Scientific name: Pistacia chinensis
  • Family: Anacardiaceae 
  • Height: 25-35 inches 
  • The Chinese pistache plants are native to the west china and mid regions of china. The Chinese pistache plants have beautiful autumn leaves and bear really beautiful fruits. 
  • The trees are easy to grow and maintain and have a dense canopy providing good shade. 
  • They are also used in many urban places on the streets. The trees can withstand low water levels as well. 
  • The roots are short and non-invasive. 

7. Kousa dogwood

  • Scientific name: Cornus kousa 
  • Family: Cornaceae
  • Height: 8-12 meters
  • Common name: Chinese dogwood, Korean dogwood, Japanese dogwood 
  • They are just so beautiful and delicate-looking trees that are perfect to add to your home garden and make that head turn. 
  • Kousa dogwoods are string trees that are resistant to many diseases, and just not this but have attractive white flowers in the spring season. 
  • The trees grow at a slow pace, the fruits also appear on the trees that are pinkish to reddish in shade. 

Best trees that give ample shade and have non-invasive roots 

  • Florida maple tree
  • Blue beech tree 
  • Fraser photinia tree 
  • Trident maple tree 

Best trees that have fruits and non-invasive roots 

  • Miniature orange tree 
  • Pawpaw tree 
  • Citrus tree 
  • European cornel tree 
  • Dwarf palm tree 

Other trees that are evergreen and have non-invasive roots 

  • Olive tree 
  • Bronze Loquat tree 
  • Australian willow tree 

Final thoughts on the context

We hope you liked the article and enjoyed the beautiful pictures of these attractive trees. We did too. Have you decided what tree you will go for? I liked the Kousa dogwood though. Do let us know what you chose, we are happy to hear it from you guys. Happy tree planting! 


1. What small tree can be planted close to the house? 

Plum, birch, hawthorn, and apple are some of the trees that can be planted near the house. 

2. Do dwarf apple trees have invasive roots? 

No, the dwarf apple trees don’t have invasive and are grown in short areas as compared to the full-sized apple trees that need good space to be planted. 

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