Alocasia Sanderiana vs Amazonica – Which is better to grow?

I was confused between Alocasia Sanderiana and Alocasia Amazonica, finding it difficult to decide which one to grow. So, without judgment, I decided to grow both of them. Trust me, after growing them, I discovered many differences between the two. I believe it’s beneficial to first learn about the plants and then decide which one suits your needs and location best.

To assist fellow plant lovers, I’ve compared Alocasia Sanderiana vs Alocasia Amazonica, outlining their benefits for growing them and providing care tips to help them thrive in your garden. If you have any questions about the guide, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Alocasia Sanderiana vs Amazonica – Which is the better plant?

After growing both of the plants I could say that there is no clear winner because both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks such as:

  • The Alocasia Sanderiana plant is better grown in low light conditions but Amazonica loves brighter areas. 
  • Alocasia Sanderiana contains thicker stalks that are less likely to topple over and the Amazonica does have larger leaves.
  • Talking about watering needs the Alocasia Sanderiana to love growing in less water but the Amazonica plant is more tolerant to the dry conditions. 
  • Both of the tropical plants are beautiful and gaining popularity to be grown in every home garden and greenhouse. 

I think it depends on every person’s choices, needs, and preferences. Just explaining to you with an example, want or looking for a low-light plant then choosing Alocasia Sanderiana is the best option. On the other side wanting a plant that is larger with larger leaves that tolerate dry conditions then choosing the Amazonica plant is a better option. 

Differences between Alocasia Sanderiana and Amazonica:

The following are three main points that make a difference between Alocasia Sanderiana and Amazonica plants:

Differences in Appearance:

  • The Alocasia Sanderiana does have a smaller size having dark green with light green veins. They have a more upright habit of growing than Amazonica having a habit of spreading out. 
  • The growth of Alocasia Sanderiana leaves is narrower and longer than they are wide with fewer pronounces veins while Amazonica plants are broader leaves that are wider, longer, and do not contain prominent veins. 
  • The Alocasia Sanderiana bloom flowers during spring while the Amazonica plant flowers bloom in summer.

Differences in Growth Habit:

  • The growing habit of Alocasia Sanderiana is upright which makes the plant more like a shrubs while Amazonica grows more sprawling and grows as a ground cover. 

Differences in Bloom Time:

  • The blooming time of Alocasia Sanderiana is during spring while Amazonica blooms in late summer or early fall.
  • Both plants bloom at different times of the year resulting in different flowering habits. 

The benefits of growing an Amazonica

The following are the benefits of growing an Amazonica:

  • The Amazonica is a very fast-growing plant, and can quickly become large enough to provide shade for smaller plants or animals.
  • Its broad leaves also make it an effective rainforest canopy, helping to keep the area beneath it cooler and moister than it would be otherwise.
  • The Amazonica is also a nitrogen fixer, meaning that it can help improve the quality of soil in which it grows. This is because the plant harbors nitrogen-fixing bacteria in its roots.
  • Lastly, the Amazonica is a very beautiful plant and can make an excellent addition to any garden.

The benefits of growing an Alocasia Sanderiana

The following are some common benefits of growing an Alocasia Sanderiana such as:

  • Growing Alocasia Sanderiana helps improve air quality, reduce stress levels, and boost creativity.
  • Keeping Alocasia Sanderiana is best to have in the home or office it will help in improving air quality in which the plant removes toxins from the air and releases oxygen from the environment. 
  • Growing Alocasia Sanderiana is best for people who are suffering from allergies or asthma.
  • Alocasia Sanderiana not only helps in improving air quality but also helps in reducing stress levels because the plant is known for stimulating the mind and encouraging new ideas.
  • To have a plant that helps improve air quality reduce stress levels and boost creativity then growing Alocasia Sanderiana is the best option for you.

Hence many ways make a difference between Alocasia Sanderiana and Amazonica by which you can easily distinguish from one another. Also, I want to add a point whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, the hard work done for growing and caring for these plants will be rewarding and enjoyable. In case you don’t know how to care for them just scroll down. 

Caring for an Alocasia Sanderiana vs Amazonica:

The following are some points that you need to learn to take care of an Alocasia sanderiana and Amazonica plant:

  • As you know now Alocasia Sanderiana is a smaller plant that grows best in shady areas while the Amazonica plant grows in a larger size that needs more sunlight.
  • The watering needs of both plants are plenty but make sure not to overwater the Amazonica plant.
  • Do provide both plants with soil that is moist but not wet.
  • Always fertilize the plant every other week using a diluted liquid fertilizer.
  • Make sure to remove all the dead leaves or flowers from the plant.
  • They both can be propagated using division or stem-cutting methods.
  • In case of dividing the plant, be careful to dig up the root ball and then replant this in two or three separate pots or containers.
  • In order to propagate the stem cutting, firstly cut a six-inch piece of stem from the parent plant from just below a leaf node.
  • To promote more growth, remove the leaves from the bottom half of the stem cutting and then dip its end into a rooting hormone.
  • Always keep the cutting in moist potting soil then keep it in a warm and humid area until you observe any new growth.


After growing Alocasia Sanderiana and Amazonica plants, I found both are best and I can’t find any clear winner so when you read this guide it’s up to you to decide which factors are required. Both Alocasia Sanderiana and Amazonica plants benefit in improving air quality and reducing stress levels. Just make sure to care properly that will result in both plants thriving best in any environment and is a great option to keep in any garden or home.


Is there any other name for Alocasia Sanderiana?

Another name for Alocasia Sanderiana is Kris plant or Sander’s alocasia which belongs to the Araceae family.

Is there any other name for Amazonica plants?

Another name for Alocasia Amazonica is the African Mask Plant or Amazonian Elephant Ear.

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