How to Grow & Care for Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’ (2024)

Hey folks! Welcome back! We are here with another informative topic that will help you in your gardening field. Everyone loves to grow those plants that are easiest to maintain and are not too demanding. One of the houseplants is Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’. Have you ever heard of this variety of plants? If not, then I will let you know.  

The fantastic Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’ plant has large leaves. All you need to maintain the plant by feeding it with a good amount of nutrients, soil, water, a sufficient supply of sunlight, etc. What are we waiting for? Let’s move further to know about How to Grow & Care for Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly

Quick information
Common namesAlocasia Polly, Amazonian Elephant’s Ear, African Mask Plant
Sunlight Bright indirect sunlight
Soil usedWell-drained and sandy soil
Water requirementsWater if the top 2 inches of soil are dry
Blooming period Rarely blooms as a houseplant
Mature size 12 to 24 inches as a houseplant
Hardiness Zone10-12
Grow & Care for Alocasia Amazonica 'Polly'

How to grow Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’? 

In my previous articles, I suggested you grow your plant with the help of stem cuttings but not this time as this plant does not produce new plants with the help of stem cuttings. They prefer to develop new plants with the help of the Root division method. So, let’s follow the steps:

Step 1- First, you have to pull the root ball from the pot.

Step 2- Shake it to remove all the excess soil from it if possible you can remove all the soil.

Step 3- Also, you will observe the individual corms that might be twisted so you have to apart them. 

Step 4- By cutting it, you can choose a pot with good drainage holes.

Step 5- As you know each plantlet has roots and leaves so you can Put them in different containers.

Step 6– In a pot filled with good potting mix, you have to put them and let your plant grow by fulfilling all its needs mentioned below in the guide. 

How to care for Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’?

When you grow a plant, you expect a lot of things in return but forget that it needs to be maintained. Everyone is busy with their routines but No worries! We are here with some of the easiest caring tips for your plant to thrive well. They are as follows: 

  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Repotting
  • Soil
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Pruning 

Let’s know about all of these caring tips in detail: 

Grow & Care for Alocasia Amazonica 'Polly'

Sunlight needs

  • Alocasia Amazonica loves to grow in plenty of sunlight as they have large-shaped leaves that need light for good growth.
  • Even bright indirect sunlight for these plants would do fine. 
  • In a day, feed your plants with at least 6 hours of sunlight to thrive. 
  • For developing its large leaves you need to fulfill its needs between 10,000-20,000 lux
  • This is an East facing window plant that likes the morning sunshine touching its feet. 

Watering needs

  • Alocasia Amazonica likes moist soil so you have to keep the plant watered.
  • But make sure not to let the water stand in the saucer as it can cause root rot in the plant by hurting its roots.
  • During winter, they need less water in comparison with the summertime.
  • Let the soil dry out properly between waterings. 
  • When the plant is growing actively, feed them once time in a week with water so that they remain moist. 

Fertilizer needs

  •  Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’ needs to be fertilized after every 2 months for their growth, especially at the time of their growing period. 
  • Making use of balanced fertilizer will be best for these plants. 
  • You have to dilute the fertilizer half of the strength so that it does not harm the growth of the plant. 
  • Assure to avoid an excess supply of fertilizers to your plants as it will produce salt in it which will directly hurt the plant’s foliage. 
  • Additionally, you can see the instructions that are given behind the fertilizer pack so that you mix it with the proper ratio and apply it properly. 

Key Takeaways 

  1. The attractive part of the Alocasia Amazonica is its leaves so feed them with morning sunshine.
  2. They will produce insignificant flowers too. 
  3. Removal of flowers is essential for the plant to grow more so that its foliage remains healthy.
  4. They like to grow through the division method for their growth. 
  5. Keep rotating your plant to receive equal sunlight at all angles. 


  • As you know some of the plants like to change their place from one pot to another because of many reasons like stress, new change, etc. 
  • this plant will thrive well in the new container that has a good amount of drainage holes in the pot so that the water does not sit there.
  • It is suggested to Repot Alocasia Amazonica 1-2 times a year when the plant grows in excess in its first pot.
  • You have to choose a big pot next time that is 3-5 inches bigger than the previous one. 

Soil needs

  • Alocasia Amazonica prefers to grow in soil that is moist and well-drained. 
  • Making use of potting mix that is special for tropical plants can also do fine. 
  • Combing perlite and sphagnum moss with the potting mix will enhance its growth. 
  • Last but not least, adding aroid soil mix to this plant will be magic for your plant. 

Humitdity and tempertaure 

  • Being a tropical plant, they are in humid environments. The average level of humidity for these plants is 50%. 
  • They will suffer at the time of winter. So mist off the plants with water so that they remain happy or making use of a pebble tray with the water will also suit them.
  • Being in love with the warm environment, they are likely to reduce their growth in the winter. 
  • They prefer the temperature that lies between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Pruning needs 

  • Pruning is the process of removing the dead and affected leaves from the plant so that new growth emerges and your plant regains its growth.
  • Making use of sterilized and sharp scissors or knives is suggested. 
  • Cut near the base of the leaf stems so that the rest of the plant does not get affected. 
  • Keep inspecting your plant so that you take action earlier for your plants and you can do it year round. 

Common problems of Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’

Alocasia Amazonica is one of those plants that need to be maintained and if you are not carefully doing this, then these plants can be prone to some issues. Some of those problems are discussed below: 

  • Curling up of leaves
  • Yellow colored leaves
  • Brown spots on the stems
  • Leggy growth
  • Pests attack
  • Diseases
  • Growing problems

Some preventive measures can help you in preserving your plant. They are as follows: 

  1. Making use of horticultural oil such as neem oil for your plants once a month if it’s infected would be great. 
  2. You can use rubbing alcohol and dip cotton balls in it and rub them on the leaves of the plant. 
  3. Misting your plants with sterilized water after a few days will keep the pests away from your plant. 

Wrapping up the context 

In this guide, you come to know about the best plant named Alocasia Amazonica which is known as ‘Polly’. Alocasia Amazonica is one of the attractive plants that steals everyone’s attention towards them and is adored by all, especially when it comes to its foliage. I hope you are clear with the process of growing Alocasia Amazonica in your home garden as it is the easiest to grow. If not, then you can read out the whole guide to understand it properly. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

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Anna Scott loves gardening and has been doing it for a long time. She wants to help new gardeners learn from her experience. Through her writing, she shares tips and advice on how to make gardens beautiful. Anna hopes her words will inspire new gardeners to succeed.

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